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Boulevard London Review

Boulevard London is one of London's prettiest cafes (click here for my full list) Sitting pretty in a perfect location. Within walking distance of regent's Park. With primrose hill just a short ride away. 
Boulevard London

Brunch is served at boulevard London til 5pm daily. With waffles. Pancakes and full English breakfasts on the menu. 
Some cafes only serve breakfast and lunch. However boulevard also have a dinner menu. From 5pm onwards. Plus dessert and drinks menus. 

I went to Boulevard London for lunch. Ordering the fairy pancakes. One of two sweet pancake options on their menu. 

Warm. Fluffy pancakes are stacked. With generous amounts of Nutella chocolate between each layer. A dollop of mascarpone cheese completes the pancake mountain. With maple syrup drizzled around the sides. A sprinkling of hazelnuts. Mini marshmallows and some fresh berries.
Boulevard London food

Delicious as it was. It could have done with a lot more fresh berries and some extra cream. To break up the intense sweetness. 

There are also vegan and vegetarian breakfast options available. I tried the vegetarian breakfast at boulevard. Which was quite delicious. Served with toast. Halloumi. Tomatoes. Portobello mushroom. Avocado. Potatoes and scrambled eggs. 

The drinks menu consists of milkshakes. Iced coffees. Mocktails. Fresh juice and smoothies. As well as hot teas. Coffees and drinking chocolate. 

Much of the food and drinks offerings at Boulevard are instagrammable. As is the venue itself. With indoor and outdoor seating. Beautiful touches of gold. Unique hanging lighting. Faux cherry blossom trees either side of the cafe. Soft velvet seats and a bench framed with faux flowers. 
Boulevard Cafe

To drink I ordered the ice caramel latte. Which tasted awful. Not a hint of caramel. Too bitter to be a latte. Not creamy at all. 

The mango iced tea wasn't great either, as it tasted artificial. 

Boulevard is a pretty cafe, but the views of an opposite brick wall are not the nicest. However. The cafe is on a quiet side street. Service was quite good here. Just a bit slow. 

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