Disco Christmas at 100 Wardour Street

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Disco Christmas at 100 Wardour Street 

It wasn't even December yet when I officially attended my first Christmas party of the year. Courtesy of Soho times magazine owner Kai.
Christmas Disco
Disco Christmas at 100 Wardour Street 

The destination? 100 Wardour Street for the launch of their Disco Christmas! It was a night I won't forget in a hurry! With fun surprises. Great hospitality from staff members and some of the most delicious cocktails in town. Imaginative cocktails in partnership with absolut elyx. All themed specifically for Christmas. I might even go back for some more! 
100 Wardour Street
It was tough coming up with a favourite - so I've picked two. The aptly named 'let's groove' is a delicious cocktail that tastes like apple pie! Whilst 'Daddy cool' tastes like candy and is garnished with a candy cane. 

Every single Disco Christmas cocktail tasted great. The baileys infused 'Disco Inferno' comes served in an impressive gold glitter ball. Whilst the 'Dancing Queen' cocktail looks like a tall snowy peak. Thanks to the whipped cream topping and icing sugar on the outside of the glass.
Christmas Cocktails
I didn't try the 'glitterball goddess' which is a huge sharing cocktail. Served in a discoball bowl. I imagine it tastes delicious. With the likes of mango and raspberry included among its ingredients. 

The canap├ęs were a delicious treat too. With sweet and savoury choices delivered to us on the dance floor. As we partied on through the night. Mini burgers. Macarons and much more kept us satiated. 
The decor at 100 Wardour Street was perfect. With a high glass ceiling generously filled with disco glitter balls. Neon signage. Cosy seating and the most perfect arrangement of metallic baubels. 

For my outfit, I wore skinny jeans with a pink cami top. Matching pink satin headscarf. Worn 70's style and pink court shoes. Because on Wednesdays we wear pink! In keeping with the disco glitter theme. I accessorised with a thick metallic silver choker and a shiny holographic clutch. 

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Dancers on rollerskates and dancing discoballs entertained us into the night. With a festively dressed dj spinning some disco mashups. There was even a glitter cannon. Memories of a funny glitter cannon fail on my wedding day! 
Sharing cocktail
The Disco Christmas bottomless brunch sounds lush too. But I advise you to book soon! Visit https://www.100wardourst.com/menus/lounge-2/disco-christmas-absolut-elyx/
Dancing Queen

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