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About Mnkyhse

Mnky Hse has become a hot spot. So naturally I had to see what all the fuss was about for myself! Set across two floors. It lies hidden behind the entrance of ten Dover Street in Mayfair.
Mnky house
Mnky hse mirror room

With dim lighting, low-seating and a lively sound system throughout. 

Bar manager Javier Escribano presents all his Mnky Hse cocktails with a South-American twist. The drinks menu even has its own Pisco and Mezcal sections.  
Monkey lounge
La Dama Rosa Cocktail by the bar

Mnky bar
Monkey 47 cocktail at Mnky Hse

The house special - Mnky Business is based on an old fashion cocktail. Which instead uses Perivian-Rum. 

Upstairs on the ground floor. You'll find Mnky lnge - a dedicated bar and lounge area open til late. The design is modern, sleek and intimate. With lots of mirrors. 

Mnky hse

Mnky hse review
Downstairs is where you'll find the main attraction. A Latin-American restaurant where master chef Pablo Peñalosa Nájera, has fused together traditional elements. Of Latin American cooking with seasonal. British ingredients.
Mnky hse menu
Skin vision cocktail 

Mnky hse
Restaurant tables next to the dj booth

Late into the night. The restaurant turns into a dancing space - thanks to the unique set up. Of a dj booth. Long removable tables and adjustable seating.

Just next to the Mnky Hse restaurant space is a bar with table service. Perfect for those who have managed to grab a seat at one of the bar area tables. Which are set a small distance back from the opposing bar.

Mnky hse Review

Mnky hse has a rather extensive menu. With a unique selection of mouth watering dishes. 

Monkey House review

A booked table for two will be yours for a nice, generous two hour period. 

We arrived at 7.30 for our dinner booking to a dj already playing live in the restaurant.

First impressions? Mnkyhse felt a bit more casual than I had expected. With a relaxed attitude towards dresscode. Some guests even donning tracksuits. 

Mnky house menu
Chilean Seabass 

I found this especially surprising. As Mnky Hse is currently one of the most expensive restaurants and bars in London! Even surpassing a number of Michelin star restaurants. 

Staff were more than helpful throughout our stay. However there was no offer to leave my coat in a cloakroom on arrival. Which is always a nice added touch at upscale restaurants. 

I personally felt that MNKY HSE was more suited to a younger or overall more pretentious crowd. They often stay open late til 3.30am - for party goers who head upstairs to MNKY LNGE. 

This is a good venue for an extended night out. Start your night in the restaurant - for a selection of Latin and Asian fusion cuisine.

Then head around the corner to the bar area. Before finding yourself on the dance floor upstairs at the lounge. 

Now for the most important part of my review.. The food! 

I live for good quality gyoza and the Duck foie gras gyoza. From the meat menu section at Mnky hse is just that! 
Meaty. Flavoursome with a tasty. Creamy dip. 

I also enjoyed the Vegan lottiroll from the sushi section of the menu. A dish that contains shitake sauce and sweet potato tempura amongst its ingredients. 

Corn salad is a unique. Tasty dish that I've never tried before. With a generous helping of fresh parmesan. Plus a mixture of soft and crunchy sweetcorn pieces that just works. 

The lamb, chicken and beef soft and crunchy tacos are other dishes on the menu I'd love to go back and try at some point. 

I also had a taste of the Chilean Seabass. Which is one of the signature dishes available at Mnkyhse. 
Mnky house menu
Parmesan corn salad 

If you like fish. I recommend this dish. It's a fresh. Meaty chunk of the finest quality Seabass you could possibly source. With a crispy. Sweet glaze. 

The Mnky Truffle rice with wild mushrooms was another delicious offering at Mnkyhse. This risotto style dish arrived hot. With loads of mushrooms and truffle shavings. 

I was surprised not to have been offered a dessert menu. Not that I had any room left for a sweet treat. Still, it's nice to have the option. 

To drink, our friendly waiter suggested the skin vision. As I was after a sweet tasting cocktail. It arrived with a pretty flower print pattern in the foam on top of the cocktail. Like latte art - for cocktails. 

With its multitude of ingredients. It sounded good, but failed to deliver on taste. I found it to be quite bland. With no noticeable flavour of passion fruit - One of my all time favourite cocktail ingredients in drinks done right. 

The cocktails we ordered over at the bar were much tastier. 

I actually did a better job of choosing a sweet cocktail myself from the Mnky masterpieces section of the cocktail book.

I mean, how could I go wrong when the la dama rosa - my cocktail of choice contains three of my favourite ever ingredients. Taste and smell wise! Lychee. Rose syrup and lime. 

It arrives on a really cool flashing multicolour coaster. However, there isn't much drink in the glass. Thanks to a large block of engraved ice. 

The monkey 47 cocktail from the Mnky florals section of the menu was another delicious tipple. With the perfect sweet - sour combination. Ingredients include cranberries. Ginger and grapefruit. 

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Does Mnky hse have a minimum spend? 

Unlike a lot of other upscale restaurants in London. Mnkyhse surprisingly does not have a minimum spend on food or bar drinks. 

As it is one of the most expensive restaurants I've ever visited in London. For dinner or just for drinks. Not to mention a service charge that is higher than average. 

This could explain the lack of requirement for a minimum spend from visitors.

There was no pre-booking hold when I made my online reservation. However a late cancellation. Or no-show fee will be applied to the card given when booking your table. 

Is Mnky hse halal? 

Yes! You'll be glad to know there are more than ten halal meat options on the menu at MNKY HSE. With options to suit all appetites. From tacos. To steak or burgers. 
Vegan sushi
Vegan lottiroll from the sushi menu section

Mnkyhse also caters for other dietary requirements. If you're vegan. There are a few selection of suitable options for you to enjoy at Mnky Hse. Like the vegan lottiroll sushi that I ordered and recommended from my visit to Mnky hse in Mayfair.

What is mnky hse number? 

Check the official website or social media accounts for an up to date contact number. 

Mnky hse opening times

Monkey House is usually open all week for dinner from 6pm until 2 or 3.3am for party goers. Sunday sees earlier opening hours for brunch.

Mnky hse dresscode

As with any upscale club. Bar or restaurant. You don't want to risk being denied entry so it's best to dress to impress. Which means a smart casual dresscode at the very least. 
What I wore to mnky hse

Who owns Mnky hse? 

Co founder Boris Kofman officially opened the doors of Mnky hse in 2016. A Latin American dining experience that takes the place of the former Dover Street Wine Bar

Visiting mnky hse for drinks

This three in one establishment. Bar-restaurant-lounge is perfect for a drinks only visit. You'll most likely need to be pre-booked in to avoid any disappointment though. 

Mnky bar

This can be done through either a guestlist service or online booking system. 

The bar menu of cocktails and spirits is in partnership with Monkey 47 gin nonetheless. It's quite a long menu and of course wines and champagne are also available.

There's an excellent sound system throughout the whole venue. With a number of cosy seating areas for bar goers. 

Mnky hse age restriction

As Mnky hse is a bar slash club. Not just a restaurant. An 18+ age restriction applies after hours. So if you plan on visiting after 8pm. I recommend carrying some valid I.D.

I do not recommend Mnkyhse as a dining establishment for younger children. However, teens dining with adults before 9pm would probably enjoy it here. 

Is Mnky hse a club? 

Even the restaurant at Mnky hse is lively. With a loud sound system and live dj. So it is a suitable venue for dancing. However, Mnky hse is officially a lounge. 

Upstairs is where Mnky lnge - the Cross between a bar and nightclub sees a party mix of hip hop. Rnb and Commercial House music. 

Mnky hse fire 

Festive decorations have been removed since the fire. That unfortunately broke out at Mnky hse on Dover Street London in the run up to Christmas 2022. 

Numerous staff members were seen on standby during my visit on Christmas eve's eve (the day before Xmas eve)

Mnky hse is usually a very safe establishment and it has been business as usual ever since the incident. 

Mnky hse Friday night

My visit to Mnky hse London was on a Friday evening. Staying from roughly 7.30pm til 10.30pm at night. If you're after the buzz of the nightlife and there to party at Mnky Lnge. 

Black influencers

You'll want to arrive no earlier than 9pm for some pre-drinks or a late dinner. It was eerily quiet on the streets of London.

Probably due to the fact it was the night before Christmas eve. Still, I did expect it to be a lot more busy. Not less busy at this time of year.

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