Hakkasan Michelin Restaurant Review

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Hakkasan Michelin Restaurant Review

About Hakkasan 

Hakkasan Hanway place is one of two Hakkasan Restaurant locations here in London. With a further ten restaurants amassing Europe. America. The middle east and Asia.

Michelin star restaurants

Hakkasan Hanway Place is the flagship restaurant that opened some twenty years ago. In 2001 to be exact. 

Hakkasan opened in a secretive. Unlit alleyway at the end of Hanway Place. With Tottenham Court Road Station just moments away. 

Special events also take place here. With exciting new years eve and chinese New year festivities. Hakkasan is the perfect dining option for large and small groups. As well as couples.

Michelin Star Award

Hakkasan Hanway Place has deservedly achieved the defining award of becoming the first ever Chinese restaurant in the UK to receive a Michelin star!
Michelin star restaurant
Classic baked dim sum

In 2012, Hakkasan opened its sister restaurant in Mayfair. To the accolade of receiving a Michelin star award less than a year later. 

It's been 19 years since Hakkasan Hanway place first received a Michelin star. Hakkasan Hanway Place can proudly boast that it has retained its michelin star ever since. 

Along with Hakkasan Mayfair. Which is enjoying its eleventh consecutive year as a Michelin starred restaurant!  

Michelin Stars - what it is and why you should care

A Michelin star is a rating that is given to a restaurant by the Michelin Guide. 

The guide is published by a French company called Michelin. The guide rates restaurants on a scale of one to three stars. 

One star means the food. Service and venue is good. Two stars means the food is very good, and three stars means the food is excellent.
Dinner in the dark

The Michelin Guide began in the year 1900. As a way to help French drivers find good places to eat and stay while they were on the road. 

The guide was originally published in French, but it is now also available in English. 

Michelin stars are given out by inspectors who anonymously visit restaurants and rate them based on their meal. 

The criteria for a Michelin star are not publicly known, but are thought to include factors such as the quality of ingredients. The skill of the chef, and the overall dining experience. 

A restaurant can lose its Michelin star if it changes chefs or ownership. Or if the inspectors simply decide that it is no longer up to par.

Michelin stars are prestigious awards that can help attract customers and boost business. 

Many restaurants strive for one or more Michelin stars, and some even go so far as to base their menu around what they think will impress the inspectors. 

So why should you care about Michelin Stars? Well, if you're looking for an exceptional dining experience. A restaurant with one or more Michelin stars is likely to impress. 

The Design Concept of Hakkasan 

I'm in love with the dark intimacy of this restaurant. Originally conceived by renowned designer Christian Liaigre. 

The restaurant is sectioned off by black. Wooden screens that give traditional Chinese tea house vibes. 

Hakkasan is set to a backdrop of lively. Upbeat music. It's understated glamour. Thanks to the minimalist design of the restaurant. 

The Food

Hakkasan serves up authentic Cantonese cuisine. With contemporary influences. Compliments of executive Chef Andrew Yeo. 

Andrew Yeo replaced Tong Chee Hwee in 2019. To become the new Head of the Hakkasan kitchen.

Chef Andrew Yeo carries with him over twenty years of experience and a passion that lies in creating unique. Modern cuisine. Prepared using traditional techniques and only the finest quality ingredients.
Late night dining on a Friday

You can expect a variety of premium quality meats. Seafood and vegetarian options on the menu. With set menus. Brunch options and a la carte option. 

The Wine at Hakkasan 

Should one wish to order some wine at Hakkasan. You'll be glad to know that their wine list is one of the most influential in the industry. 

With over 400 wines sourced from around the world. Somelliers are on hand to help you choose at either restaurant. 

It's interesting to note that every week, Hakkasan’s wine team conducts a dedicated tasting session. Trying out new wines. With different dishes from the menu. 

If a wine doesn't work with one dish – even if it's a great fit with all the others – it does not make the list! 

Now all I'm wondering is where I can sign up for the weekly wine tasting and food pairing job! 

All of the wines at Hakkasan are continually tasted as the vintages change. This ensures the wines available always perfectly complement the cuisine.

My experience at Hakkasan 

We arrived a little early for a late night dining experience. 

Dinner can be booked here up until 11pm on some nights. Booking is required. Along with a smart dress code.
Hakkasan Hanway place
Cocktail : strawberry goji martini 

We were escorted to some seats at the bar prior to dining. My chosen drink was the strawberry goji martini. 

Ordered from the 'Trust' section of the cocktail menu. This pretty pink cocktail sadly tasted horribly bitter. Deceptively described as "A sweet escape from reality." It contains an interesting array of ingredients. 

Tanqueray no. Ten gin. Strawberry, lemon, yuzu sake, pineapple and goji Berry. Sweet, it is not! 

I hate when I choose the wrong cocktail. Often finding myself regretting choosing cocktails over something more simple - like a cider. 

This night was no exception. As my husband just so happened to choose the most amazing cider at Hakkasan. It was the maison rose cidre. A name I won't forget. As it tasted perfect and had a beautiful rosy hue.
Wagyu beef ho fun noodles

It wasn't long before a server came to escort us to our seats. Placing our drinks on a tray. A little spillage occurred. So our server insisted on reordering my strawberry goji cocktail free of charge. Just one of the perks of dining in such a high end establishment.

To eat, I enjoyed the classic baked dim sum. Arriving on a rectangular platter. The baked dim sum looked like a luxury tray of chocolates! 

Truffle mushroom sesame balls and black pepper venison puffs are accompanied by my favourite of the trio. The jet black. Puff pastry dim sum. Which is filled with peking duck. 

The sweet notes of plum and balsamic vinegar. Topped with gold leaf.

Michelin star restaurants London
Chocolate caviar dessert

Dim sum at Hakkasan arrives with fresh. Flavoursome sauces for dipping. Thai sweet chilli. Soy sauce and some spicy chilli oil. 

We also enjoyed a main of wok fried. Yorkshire wagyu beef ho fun noodles. My mouth waters as I relive the delicious dish in my mind! 

Dessert was a dramatic experience of chocolate caviar. Two, separate dishes are accompanied by the visual effects of long lasting mist. 

With some creamy. Chocolate caviar topped mousse to the left of my plate. And cherry compote beneath some tonka icecream to the right. 

At the end of our stay. Hot, zesty hand towels were provided for us to clean our hands with. 

Have you ever been to a Michelin star restaurant? If not, this is the perfect place to begin your upscale culinary journey.

Hakkasan is the michelin star restaurant in London of choice for those looking for both a sensuous and sophisticated gastronomic experience. The dim lighting combined with the refined smells introduces you to a gourmet world. 

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