Apres Ski Brunch at God's Garden

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Apres Ski Brunch at God's Garden 

An early evening on the first Saturday of December saw me visit God's garden for their apres ski themed brunch.
God's garden

Situated in a hidden church courtyard location at 1 Marylebone Street. God's garden is entered through the front of a florist. Where plants and festive baubels are low hanging overhead.

Inside, beneath a tall canopy are loads of outdoor heaters. Keeping everyone cosy and warm. With two bars at either end of God's Garden.
Apres ski

The brunch, which consists of Mexican tapas goes on until 10pm on Saturdays. 
The small plates are crazy small if I'm being honest! We tried the tortilla chips with a choice of two dips. Plus a selection of tacos. 

The best thing available to eat at God's garden - Agreed on by both my guest and I are their churros. Which were not currently listed on the menu! 
God's garden menu

The churros come served warm, with a choice of dips. I initially picked chocolate sauce but Dulche de leche is the sauce for the win!

The cocktail menu is 10 drinks long. With Whispering angel vin chaud as the God's Garden own twist on mulled wine. The forbidden fruit cocktail. Named in keeping with the garden theme and containing apple. Of course!

Come to think of it. Whispering Angel is also the perfect beverage choice for the running garden of Eden theme. At match time their TV turns on for the world Cup.
Apres ski outfit

For my apres ski themed outfit I wore white leggings with a while roll neck top. Black leather knee high boots and a black cropped puffer jacket. With a reflective clutch bag. It was a chic off piste look. Wouldn't you agree? 

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What is apres ski?

Apres ski is a French term meaning "after skiing." It typically refers to the social activities and events that take place after a day of skiing. Such as parties, dinners, and dances. For many people, apres ski is an important part of the overall skiing experience.

What better to do after a day of skiing than relax and socialize. By drinking, dancing, and listening to music. For those of us not lucky enough to take a snow filled trip from Geneva to Morzine an apres Ski themed bar is the next best thing!

What is the best apres ski clothing to wear?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people prefer to wear casual clothing such as jeans and a sweater, while others prefer to dress up a bit more in dresses or skirts. It really depends on personal preference and the specific apres ski event or location.

The history of apres ski

Apres ski is a French term meaning "after ski." It typically refers to the activities and social gatherings that take place after a day of skiing.

The history of apres ski can be traced back to the early days of skiing, when it was first practiced in the Alps. At that time, apres ski was simply a way for skiers to relax and socialize after a long day on the slopes. Over time, apres ski has evolved into a more formalized activity, with specific bars and restaurants catering to this crowd.

Today, apres ski is still a popular pastime among skiers and snowboarders. Many resorts offer apr├Ęs-ski activities and events, such as live music and themed parties. Whether you're looking to relax or let loose after a day on the slopes, there's an apres ski option for you!

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