Mid morning manicure at Linnaean

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Mid morning manicure at Linnaean

The cafe space at Linnaean was smaller than I expected but just as beautiful as anticipated. 

As you arrive receptionists are positioned in front of the hair salon. To greet you and take your booking. 

My nail appointment was first. However I was seated for quite some time before it took place.

Booking ahead of time is required as Linnaean gets busy. I recommend to call and confirm all your treatments. As some choices were unbookable online and I couldn't add them on the day. 

There were some annoying mix ups concerning my treatments. However a friendly receptionist tried her best to sort things out.

I was finally seated for my nail treatment a little later than scheduled as the nail technician arrived a bit late. 

I had a non toxic gel French manicure. Which lasted me just over two weeks. 

I also tried a luxury gold hand mask treatment by Fedua. Which left my hands feeling wonderfully soft. 


I really like the fact that Linnaean focuses on natural ingredients and wellbeing. Even their breakfast and all day menus offer very healthy choices. 

Linnaean is the perfect girly day out. Or solo pamper day. With a beautiful cafe restaurant. Hair salon. Nail. Makeup and body treatment rooms all under one roof. 

There's even a space for shopping some of the high end beauty products they use and more.

I would definitely come back to the cafe. The beauty treatments on the other hand are a bit steep in price. Considering there are so many other places to choose from in London. 

After my manicure, I ordered a cappuccino and croissant beneath the stunning flower installation at the restaurant. 

The cappuccino arrived with two cute hearts in the milk foam and served with a yummy dark mint chocolate. 

I didn't enjoy my coffee. As it was a rather bitter cappuccino. Compared to what I like. 

Beautiful green textured walls run throughout Linnaean. With a mirrored wall at the back of the restaurant. Offset by tall windows and the perfect lighting arrangement. 

The main attraction here being the hanging flower ceiling. With white and lilac wisteria. Green foliage and an additional pop of colour from more flowers. 

The pretty tiled floor at Linnaean is a feature not to be overlooked either. 

My croissant was served warm and fresh. By friendly staff and the slice of chocolate cheesecake I took home was quite the treat. 

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