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The Night jar is a popular speakeasy style bar.
Popular for good reason. As they serve up impressive looking. Flavourful cocktails. 

Their non alcoholic mocktails selection is nice too. With a decent bar food menu. 
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As a vegetarian. Bar snacks are usually the same wherever I go, but nightjar actually had vegan pastrami sandwiches. Which I was too full to try this time around. 

Live entertainment is a nightly thing at nightjar. This speakeasy has low. Metallic ceilings. Comfy seats and dim. Intimate lighting. 

It's a great choice for a nice date. The small door is easy to miss from outside. It feels like you're entering a secret drinking den. 

Once you enter past security. There's a bar where mixologists are busy creating their masterpieces. 

It's a bit brighter and more upbeat in this area. Head downstairs for the full experience in the main speakeasy room.

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Here it's reserved seating only and table service. The live entertainment down here is different depending on the night you choose to visit. Earlier booking times are cheaper as there won't be live performances.    

I highly recommend a cocktail called 'name of the samurai' for interesting flavours. Entertaining photos and videos. A small wooden box with fire inside arrives at your table. 

Then the main drink is placed inside. Causing smoke to waft up from this creative concoction. 

It's not just for show however. As the smoke adds a noticeable smokey taste and smell to the drink. 

The nightjar London

This cocktail even comes garnished with a rice cake. Crispy seaweed cleverly shaped like a black raven - The official nightjar logo. Plus a dollop of spicy wasabi. 

But one must try 'the filmograph' for taste. The filmograph was my favourite cocktail of the night. With a delicious popcorn chocolate and grapefruit slice to garnish. 

I love the attention to detail around the bar. It really feels like you've gone back in time to a sophisticated speakeasy.

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