Best Rooftop Bars in Peckham

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Best Rooftop Bars in Peckham

Peckham is one of my least favourite London areas. That is until I get up high above the streets below!

Peckham, South London is a small area. Yet it still manages to be home to three incredibly good rooftop bars. 

I've become quite the rooftop connoisseur. As you'll notice if you browse through my blog posts.
So of course I had to get acquainted with Peckhams finest bars.

All three are in walking distance from each other so you could enjoy bar hopping each rooftop bar on the same day.. Or night. 

Bussey Rooftop Bar 

The most well known of the three in Peckham. Is bussey Rooftop Bar. Which serves some of the best pizzas in the whole of London. At prices that won't break the bank. 
Bussey Rooftop Bar

Bussey rooftop bar has an impressive skyline view to match. With tunes playing away in the background. 

The views at bussey Rooftop in peckham are unspoilt. With pretty Sunsets for a much cheaper cost than many other rooftop bars across London.

It's a casual outdoor bar, but lovely for dates. With string lights. Heaters and overhead covers in the likely chance that it rains. 

I enjoyed the delicious Truffle mushroom pizza with a glass of disaronno and ginger beer. All to the backdrop of a late summer sunset. 

Frank's Rooftop Bar 

In walking distance of bussey Rooftop is Frank's rooftop bar. A casual outdoor bar that's open during summer months only.
Near and far Peckham

Travel up a vibrant pink staircase. Where you arrive at what feels like a school playground. 

This summer of 2021 there was an art installation. Which included a slide. Great for the kids. 

There are also permanent Binoculars at Frank's. For visitors to take advantage of and enjoy better views of London. 

Breakfast. Lunch plus light snacks can be ordered at Frank's rooftop bar. Although the menu offerings are really basic. 

Frank's is even more casual than bussey Rooftop bar. So not quite a recommendation for date nights. I love this place for a casual hang out though. 

Near and far Peckham 

The newest of the 3 rooftop bars in Peckham is near and far. An indoor bar with other food and clothing vendors across the same floor. 

It gets dark really early by November so we booked an early dinner and drinks slot at near and far rooftop bar in peckham. 

Near and far has two branches. In Camden and their rooftop bar in peckham. With happy hour daily except Saturday between 5-7pm. Plus a dj on Friday and Saturday night. 

Rooftop bars Peckham

It was the perfect night for a visit to a rooftop bar. As it was the 5th of November. Aka Guy fawkes / bonfire night. 

The 5th of November is the 2nd best night of the year to visit rooftop bars in London for fireworks displays. 

I much rather enjoy the action of fireworks from the warmth of an indoor rooftop bar. 

With our reserved table for two. Positioned perfectly for all the fireworks action. We were seated in front of curved windows. 

Near and far is a casual. Open plan rooftop bar. With a number of different food vendors and even clothing outlets on the same level. 

I'm ecstatic to report that 081 pizza. A separate food vendor in the same space as the bar. Have been added to my best pizza in London list. As they whip up really delicious pizzas. 

I enjoyed their calzone with cream cheese in the middle. Mozzarella and tomato on top. Plus a tasty truffle mushroom pizza. 

To drink at Near and far peckham. I enjoyed three different cocktails. The sour power. 

A delicious mix of lemon. Lavender. Amaretto and elderflower flavours was my favourite cocktail of the evening. 

The dj was just getting ready to play at the end of our three hour booking. By which time the venue was packed. However, I was ready to go. 

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