Turning my rental apartment into my dream home

Home decor ideas

I mean what else is one to do when under house arrest! 

At the start of this year.

Thanks to the never ending pandemic. It's been all about turning my rental apartment into my dream home.

Living room interior design
Antique gold mirror. With three faux plants hanging upside down. 


I'm blessed to have a spacious apartment in the coveted city of London. With our own private garden. So I can really go to town with my home decor ideas. 

Making the property desirable. Even if there is a lot I don't like about our home. 

I live in a ground floor apartment. With my wonderful husband and our two very messy boys. 
Living room interior design
Living room interior design : minimal. Neutral with lots of plants. 

It's a two bedroom. With private garden and an awkward front patio space. 

With current world issues. I decided it was time to appreciate my apartment much more. 

So I did my best. Without blowing the budget. To inject some home decor ideas and turned our abode into my dream home (well almost). 

The colour theme is mostly white. Because it's a shaded property. With low ceilings. Much in need of a light boost. 
Bedroom interior design
Master bedroom : minimal and bohemian

The master bedroom has white walls. White furniture. With white bedding, that I find crisp and hotel like. 

I love pure white bedding. However plain white is a bit boring. So I've focused on some interesting texture. For my all white linen. 

Like my seersucker bed set. 

Boho vibes are the theme for my home. With real. Off white pampas grass by the wardrobe. For added texture and subtle interest. 
Bedroom interior design

There's a light brown. Oval jute rug on the bedroom floor and wicker basket to match. 

I love the plant basket for its interesting double tiered pom poms. 

Over by the window hang two macrame planters. The ceiling lampshade in my master bedroom is a beautiful. Double tiered. White fringed lampshade with gold accent. 

It looks great both off during the day and on at night. 

I seldom turn overhead lights on in the evenings. As I want to create more of a cozy. Intimate vibe. 

So there are also some Moroccan baubels. Hanging from the master bedroom window to the full length mirror. 

These baubels look great turned off. Because of their interesting pattern and less common. All white colour. 

In the evenings. The baubels turned on cast beautiful shadows onto the walls.

Behind my gold. Floor length mirror, hides a rather unsightly floor lamp. It still works well with all my other home decor ideas. 

Because it's hidden. Creating a warm. Up light glow in the corner of the master bedroom. That I really love. 

On top of the wardrobes are matching clay pots. With abstract gold bases. 
Living room interior design
Open plan kitchen and brassy gold living room feature wall

Continuing on with the gold accents. The lounge area has a striking. Metallic brass feature wall. Which leads to an open plan kitchen. 

Matching brass blinds at the kitchen window. Tie in with the living rooms feature wall. 

Toward the garden side of the living room. We have an antique gold wall mirror and some really cool false hanging plants beside it. 

There are lots of interesting plants around the apartment. Including a pale green cactus. 

Plus an assortment of other plants. All with different coloured leaves. Shapes and textures. 

I decided to stop letting my fear of plants dying. In our home prevent me from enjoying the indoor jungle. I've long dreamed of. 

If a plant dies. It dies. Learn from it and try something different I say! 

The window leading to the garden features a double tiered. Hanging macrame planter and two brown wicker baskets. 

With double tiered. Cream tassels. For added bohemian vibes. 
Home decor ideas
Bohemian style cushions with a pop of bold colour

The cream coloured sofa cushions. With interesting poms. Texture and tassels. Tie in with the baskets. Making the room feel cosy. 

Matching mustard yellow lampshades, with a gold inner circle adorn the ceiling light fixture. 

This vibrant colour adds a subtle, but needed pop of colour. These lampshades tie in with the mustard yellow sofa cushions. 

In another corner of the living room. Slash dining room area. The focal point is a small. Electric fireplace. Providing cosy. Fake fire flickers and the option to turn on some heat too. 

In the garden. The bright boho home decor ideas continue. 

With the patio and ceiling painted white. To brighten up the shaded garden space and also reflect more daylight into the otherwise dark apartment. 

We painted the vertical wood beams, and concrete pillars on our fences white. 

Our lovely maple tree has finally grown large enough to provide some much needed privacy in the summer. 

The fence we treated with a vibrant rust orange and raspberries trail along the fences. As well as another berry Bush. 

We have a small firepit for both barbecues and evening warmth. 

In the corner at ground level. We planted three matching shrubs. Providing a little colour. 

From the only flowers I could find that work well in shade and also bloom for longer than just spring. 

These "Armeria maritima Splendens" Are separated by tiny white pebbles and a boarder of larger white rocks. 

The vintage style chest of drawers was a fun project to renovate. 

I spotted two old drawers nearby. Took one in to our garden to paint white. 

I've placed a brass coloured. Moroccan lantern on the chest of drawers. 

With a circular jute rug on the patio floor. For added boho vibes. 

Finally. Three gorgeous cream lanterns. With tassels. Adorn the overhead balcony. Looking great day or night. 

These solar powered lanterns provide a nice evening glow. 

All windowsills in my apartment have himalayan salt bricks. That provide interesting decoration. 

From their individual warm. Pink tones. Plus the added health benefit of Halotherapy. 

My main home decor ideas and interior design tips :

For shaded or cramped properties. Keep decor to a minimum and items mostly in lighter shades. 

To make the home feel cozy. Items placed in the corners of rooms work a treat. 

Such as my log tree with fairy lights. Hand made by my husband. 

It's positioned in the hallway corner. Where our hallway would have otherwise felt bare.

Low lighting also makes a home more cozy. Plus. It will help ensure a good night's sleep. 

I love a good candelabra. Some string lights and the dance of a fire. 

When you grow tired of your homes current look. Move items around. Store away some pieces you can re-appreciate in the future. 

Upgrade your home with maybe just one new item for a style change. 

Rather than blowing the budget on lots of new purchases.  

I hope my home and decor ideas can inspire you to do a spot of interior design. And love. Or learn to love your current property no matter what. 

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