Currently Reading : The Sailing Life of Bianca Drake

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Currently Reading : The Sailing Life of Bianca Drake

As a travel and lifestyle blogger. Even when I'm not traveling. I love reading a good travel based fiction or non fiction book. 

I was recently gifted a copy of semi-autobiographical novel. The sailing days of Bianca Drake.
Based on the real adventures of Liverpudlian author Louise McGee.

The book is a funny and interesting read. Giving an amazing insight into life working on board a cruise ship as a busy. Multitasking crew member.

I've personally enjoyed a number of cruises and can reminisce about my personal adventures at sea. As I read this book. 

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Because I'm a passionate travel blogger and cruise lover. Author Louise McGee inspires me. She's spent six years at sea. Travelling three and a half times around the world! Even surviving a devastating hurricane. 

The sailing life of Bianca Drake is available in both paperback and ebook formats. For more information visit

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