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DIY biscuit icing at Biscuiteers cafe Clapham

I went to the Northcote road Biscuiteers cafe in Clapham with my 3 year old son. 
Where we enjoyed a DIY biscuit icing morning. 
Biscuiteers biscuits

My son loves cooking. So this was the perfect activity for him.

After a quick and easy to follow demonstration by friendly staff members.
We were left to choose three biscuits to decorate each. 

There was a selection of different shaped chocolate biscuits and vanilla biscuits.

I chose to decorate a vanilla flower. Rectangle and a pumpkin shaped chocolate biscuit. Whilst my son chose a vanilla heart. Chocolate pumpkin and rectangular shaped vanilla biscuit.
Biscuiteers cafe

There was an assortment of seven piped icing colours to choose from. For decorating each biscuit. Along with optional multi coloured sprinkles.

After we had finished decorating our biscuits. They went in the oven for 10 minutes and our favourite design was chosen to go into a special Biscuiteers box.

I love the detail that goes into the Biscuiteers brand. The black and white design theme is very striking and noticeable throughout their shops. With checkered flooring. 

An attention grabbing shop front and detailed. Monochrome packaging for all of their products. 

I also enjoyed a generously sized. Well made cappuccino. Presented in one of Biscuiteers branded mugs. With two complimentary biscuits. 

I also bought some cupcakes. Their strawberry cupcake and vanilla cupcake were ok, but a tad too sweet in my opinion. 

With a strawberry jam center and strawberry icing to top. 

Biscuiteers was founded in 2007 and they now have loads of pretty branded. Non edible items available to purchase from Biscuiteers. 

Such as crockery and aprons. Products that would make unique and long lasting gifts. 

Along with a large variety of artistically decorated biscuits. In store during my visit some were in the shape and colour of beautiful birds and London landmarks.

Amazing to think that each design is lovingly handmade til this day. 

I became aware of Biscuiteers a few years ago. Through their viral online presence. Where their stand out cafes and creative biscuit designs have been liked and shared by many. 

At Biscuiteers. You can also order corporate biscuits or custom designs in almost any style. 
Biscuiteers Cafe

With framed photographs of some impressive. Previous masterpieces on display in the pretty Clapham cafe. Such as a huge dolls house made of biscuits! 

Their cafes are one of London's prettiest. You can read my review of others like it at the following link.

Biscuiteers also serve their own unique afternoon tea. Plus DIY biscuit icing latest which happen on select days. After opening hours for the adults. 

Biscuiteers also have an online store. Offer next day delivery and even deliver worldwide. 

My self decorated chocolate flavour pumpkin biscuit tasted delicious. The vanilla biscuits were quite nice too.

However the chocolate biscuit is what really stood out to me. So I would definitely buy more of those from Biscuiteers in the future. 

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