Dyce Ice cream Review

Dyce Ice cream parlour

Dyce is a stylish icecream parlour on James Street West London.
With both indoor and outdoor seating. 
London icecream
Bubblegum and Salted caramel ice cream with all the toppings

There is no table service. It's a casual dessert bar where you go up and make your order. 

Adding up to 6 different items from a choice of cone. To extras like macarons. Edible flowers and chocolate bars.

The desserts look really appetising. Great for photographing. As does the pretty in pink venue. With futuristic vibes. There are clear dome seats. Great for photos not so comfy for sitting. 

Dyce also sell bubble teas. Milkshakes and crepes. 
Dyce dessert shop

I tried some strawberry sorbet in an edible clam shell type bowl. The edible bowl wasn't tasty. With added smarties for the little one.

I also ordered a cone with a scoop of Salted caramel and bubblegum ice cream. 

The cone wasn't nice to eat. In any good ice cream shop the cones are just as tasty as the actual icecream. 

The Salted caramel ice cream at Dyce was a tad too salty. Whilst the bubblegum didn't taste like bubblegum at all. 

Sadly the ice cream looked better than it tasted.

Still. Dyce is worth a visit for the aesthetics. As they did win the best UK cafe award in 2020. And who knows. You might luck upon a really delicious flavour. 

With so many ice cream vendors across London to choose from. All flavours need to be on point.

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