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The end of summer for me is a time to revisit my skincare routine.
With harsh weather and dry skin inducing days upon us in the northern hemisphere. 

I seek something simple but effective. As I don't like a complicated skincare routine. 

I'm in the over thirtys club and I don't wear makeup. So I'm really passionate about finding great new skincare favourites.

Nothing beats a good pamper session. With a high end face mask. I was recently gifted 11 skin's rose gold. Brightening facial treatment masks by the infamous harley street in London.
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A box consists of five luxurious. Rose gold coloured gel sheet face masks. Which you apply to clean skin for 20 minutes.

It provides a cool. Soothing feeling when applied to the face. With 24 carat gold and damask rose extracts. Designed to help brighten and firm skin. Whilst regulating moisture levels.

I used the mask three times per week as suggested and can definitely feel a firming effect on my skin. 

You can get the masks from Skinstation an online beauty store that allows you to browse and buy luxury skincare products at the most competitive prices. 

I love luxury products, so it's great to find an online retailer that provides the best prices for high end skincare. 

Skinstation are passionate about improving skin concerns across the UK. Using
clinically proven skincare systems. 

Plus over 60 years of combined experience in dermatology and cosmetic medicine. Skin Station will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

The 111 skin mask range is available in a variety of formulas. Depending on your skin concerns. 

Readers of Gone Sun Where can get 15% off their first skinstation purchase. Using the code SUNSHINE15 before midnight on the 10th October. So visit Skinstation today!

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