Matcha cake in london

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Matcha cake in London  

Matcha london

Matcha is a delicious. Tangy. Energising addition to many desserts. Otherwise known as green tea powder. Most commonly used as a tea. Matcha is a popular ingredient in both drinks and desserts. Turning cakes and ice cream a vibrant green. There are a number of London locations in which to enjoy a slice of matcha cake. 


First on my list and first in my heart is Lanka. A Japanese patisserie in North West London. The matcha cake here is a matcha tart. Beautifully topped with white chocolate shavings. 

Wa cafe

They do a number of matcha treats at Wa cafe. Including a pretty little matcha cake. Yet I'm really falling for their croissants. Topped with a soft matcha icing. 


In joint first place with Lanka for me it has to be Kova's matcha mille crepe cake. A tangy. Creamy mousse type matcha cake with thin crepe layers. With the perfect sweetness ratio. Find this delicious matcha cake at one of three locations in London. 


I'm really cheating here. As it's not quite matcha cake I'm tracking down at Bonedaddies in London. One of my favourite desserts ever. Has to be their kinkao French toast with matcha soft serve ice cream from Bonedaddies. 

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