Things to do in Brentford

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Things to do in Brentford

In the first night off since forever. My husband and I enjoyed an overnight stay in Brentford. Brentford is a suburban town in West London. 

Visit Syon Park

Our first stop was Syon park. Their lush grounds and conservatory. With a river running through. Plus Syon house. Which can be toured at an extra fee. 

The official website for syon park spoke of dining options. However there were none when we visited. I found it unfair to be charged entry to the gardens at a time when they were partially closed off due to wedding preparations. 

We didn't even get to enter the main section of the conservatory for this reason. 

Apparently they were getting ready for a wedding and we ended up feeling like intruders. 

Had the weather been nicer. Syon Park and gardens would have been an even more charming place to relax. With benches around every corner. A charming bridge and friendly geese. Swans and ducks. 

Eating in Brentford 

After a lovely afternoon stroll through syon park. We enjoyed a late lunch at syon lounge. The lounge is part of the Hilton hotel and features a tropical themed photo wall. With neon signage.
Syon lounge menu

Syon Lounge is a shisha bar and restaurant. Within walking distance from Syon House and park.

Syon lounge serve up sushi. With some decent vegetarian options. Non alcoholic drinks. Milkshakes and a full dessert menu.

Syon lounge have some flat screens, which were showing football during our visit. With lively music playing for a party atmosphere.

I enjoyed some vegetarian maki sushi rolls. Which included Avocado and mango. 

The vegetarian fried rice was another tasty dish that arrived and stayed hot. 

The dessert menu at Syon lounge is one I could go for right now. With a variety of milkshakes. Waffles. Pancakes and ice cream available. 

I enjoyed the syon special milkshake. A creamy. Chocolatey blend of kinder bueno. 

My only gripe is that two items we ordered at Syon lounge were unavailable. 

Sleeping in Brentford 

After a chilled out lunch at Syon Lounge. We headed to our hotel. Which is also in walking distance of the syon lounge. 
Holiday Inn Brentford
The canal in Brentford 

Should you prefer. The Hilton Syon is next door to the lounge and includes a spa. We might have to come back! 

Our hotel of choice this time around was the holiday Inn Brentford Lock. With rooms overlooking a peaceful canal. Had the weather been better. It would have been even more enjoyable to have breakfast or dinner canalside. 

A full breakfast was included in our stay. We even received our full English brought to our room at no extra cost. Which was really nice. The overall price was really affordable. In comparison to a lot of other four and five star hotels across London. 

Yes the rooms are basic at the holiday Inn. However the unique position by the canal is what attracted me most to this hotel.

Other things to do

If you're after more things to do in Brentford. How about a visit to kew gardens. Or the museum of water and steam.
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