Outdoor dining at the highest terrace in London

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Lunch at Sushisamba London

You read that right! Except we didn't actually get to dine outside on the terrace. You can thank good old English weather for that!

Sushisamba was the destination for lunch at 116 Bishopsgate. Otherwise known as the heron Tower. 
Sushi samba food

SUSHISAMBA have locations around the world. With two restaurants in London. From Sushisamba heron Tower location. A beautiful sunset can be enjoyed with panoramic views across the city.

We went to sushisamba heron Tower on a grey. Wet Monday afternoon in May. The view from the 39th floor of heron Tower meant rain had never looked so good. 
Sushisamba food

The floor to ceiling window views across the whole of London. Made Rainfall look like a dreamy mist. With small pockets of sunlight in the distance. Tables for two are always the best seats in the house at these kinds of restaurants.

Sushisamba is home to the highest outdoor dining terrace in London. The east terrace. Where we would have enjoyed our meal if weather conditions were better. The west terrace has a unique and beautiful orange tree sculpture. With subtle orange fairy lights. 

The beauty of this place doesn't stop there. With a vibrant bamboo archway leading to the restaurant. An ode to their Japanese roots. Plus interesting interiors. Including chairs that look like brown leather satchels. High ceilings with lots of low hanging lights amidst a unique crosshatch bamboo design.
Sushisamba dessert

I love the music and food at sushisamba. Such a unique combination of Latin (Brazilian and Peruvian to be exact) and Japanese food.

Each dish was beautifully presented and delicious. With a decent variety for us vegetarians.

We enjoyed Asparagus tempura. With a crisp. Airy batter. Fresh Asparagus. Tomato and soy dipping sauces. 

Vegetable taquitos are two delicious mini tacos with avocado, radish, red onion, peppers and pickled shimeji mushrooms. 

We also enjoyed veggie samba rolls. Which arrive in a large round sharing dish with six sushi pieces each. Containing shibazuke. Cucumber. Avocado. Sesame. Sweet gourd. Spring onion and tempura flakes. Some wasabi and fresh ginger is also available if you're feeling brave. 

The veggie assortment of nigiri and veggie maki was delicious with baby corn and sticky rice. Plus two aubergine varieties. 

The sushisamba drinks menu is extremely lengthy. It includes a number of different Japanese alcoholic drinks. Such as a wealth of sake varieties. A sake sommelier is on hand should you need assistance choosing. 

Our mocktails were easy on the eye but not impressive in taste. I finished with a mouth wateringly delicious chocolate banana cake for dessert. If you like a good sticky toffee pudding. Or warm brownie with ice cream you will love this. 

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