Lunch at a floating restaurant

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Lunch at Feng Shang Princess

I had experienced food let downs at some cafes and restaurants. Prior to visiting Feng Shang Princess. Plus it had already been a jam packed weekend of fun and food. So my expectations for the food at Feng shang princess weren't high.
Floating restaurant

Thankfully though. The food and the options for vegetarians on the menu at Feng Shang Princess were fantastic. Propelling Feng Shang Princess into my list of the best Asian restaurants in London.
Feng Shang Princess food

Some restaurants rely on gimmicks instead of focusing on good food. Then charge a fortune.

I'm relieved to say that this isn't the case at Feng Shang Princess. We came for the uniqueness of this beautiful. Asian floating restaurant. Perfectly positioned on the canal in North West London. But we stayed for their mouth watering dishes. 
Feng Shang Princess menu

I wasn't even hungry. Until I took my first bite of noodles. With chicken style Tofu in black bean sauce. Yum!

Tender. Marinated Tofu pieces in a batter. Are coated in the most perfect of all black bean sauces. 

I also enjoyed the delicious vegan duck spring rolls. The texture of both meat substitutes. In dishes tried at Feng Shang Princess. Were really tasty and convincingly meaty.

The restaurant was understandably busy. With a buzzing atmosphere. The restaurant itself is impressive looking too. 

With two floors. Floor to ceiling windows. With views of the surrounding canal. Where we watched canal boats drift by and some paddle boarders.

Feng shang princess is open from lunchtime only on weekends. Plus dinner every day of the week.

The restaurant is dimly lit. For an intimate feel. With lovely ceiling lights, and hanging red lanterns outside the windows.

Feng shang princess is the perfect place to dine after a relaxing canal ride. Or a canalside walk. You could also visit Regent's Park across the road. Or take a trip to the London zoo, which is also across the road from the restaurant. 
Restaurant with a view
The best seats in the house

With such perfect positioning. Feng Shang Princess could have easily decided to overcharge. Provide poor. To average quality food and simply rely on their location. Plus the uniqueness of their restaurant. To bring in customers. 

Thankfully Feng shang have not resorted this. As their prices are reasonable and their meals are delicious. 

As I write about Feng Shang Princess. I literally can't wait to go back. Because the food here was just that good.

Update 2022 

I went back to Feng Shang Princess in 2022 and we were booked in for a romantic dinner on the middle of the boat in that incredible private seating area pictured in this blog post.

The views across the canal at the most perfect time of day (sunset) were the main attraction this time around. With a well made Lychee martini to hand.

Food was not as impressive as I remember it to be but still a wonderful restaurant to consider. Maybe you'll enjoy your food choices with such a long menu to choose from. Just remember to call ahead and arrive early if you're after the private table for two. 

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