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Best hot chocolate in London


London hot chocolate has come a long way. From flame torched marshmallow hot chocolates. Hot chocolate packed with giant chocolate shards. To Hot chocolate with a candy floss topping.

Drinking the best hot chocolate is one of my favourite things to do. During the colder London months. Which is say. 90 percent of the time if we're honest.

I'm a woman that loves all things chocolate. I'm especially smitten for a warming cup of creamy. Hot chocolate, when it's bitterly cold outside.

Not all hot chocolate is equal though. As a chocolate lover. I've made it my duty. To source out the very best cups of hot cocoa. Available in and around my hometown. The city of London.

Along the way. I've tried and tested some popular brands of hot chocolate. From equally popular chocolatiers. Here's my in depth review of them all. Including where to go for the best hot chocolate in London. With some surprise favourites. To start this post off. I thought I'd talk through some hot chocolate let downs. The not so good hot chocolate locations. Often mentioned in online articles, claiming to be amongst the "best hot chocolates in London".

"Not as good as expected" hot chocolate in London

Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate

Sadly. Not a memorable. Or very enjoyable hot chocolate. I was really looking forward to this hot chocolate too. I tried a mint hot chocolate, at the small. Basement café of Hotel Chocolat, in Covent Garden. I also tried the limited edition. Easter hot chocolate. Presentation wise. The Easter hot chocolate from hotel Chocolat was impressive. With a thick. Whipped cream topping, and cute chocolate bunny. Added in for good measure. I found hotel chocolat hot chocolates to be too watery. I was also not informed by staff, that my hot chocolate wouldn't automatically come topped with the impressive looking chocolate cream I had first seen on Instagram photos. Should you want the chocolate cream topping. It incurs an additional fee.

The plus side to hotel Chocolate. Is that they have a very impressive loyalty program. With gifts and decent discounts for their chocolate loving members. The hotel chocolat product range is superb. With chocolate infused toiletries. As well as a sea of creative. Edible chocolate products to choose from.
Hotel chocolat limited edition Easter hot chocolate 

Paul A Young

The hot chocolate from Paul A Young looks and tastes rather unimpressive. So, unfortunately not one of the best in London.

Mamasons Hot Chocolate

Mamason's is Europe's first Filipino ice cream parlour. That also serves an impressive looking hot chocolate. Made with a purple yam called ube. White chocolate and whipped cream. Looks are deceiving. As unfortunately. This hot chocolate is very bland tasting. With no actual chocolate taste. It just tastes like hot milk.
Mamasons Ube hot chocolate 

Choccywoccydoodah hot chocolate (now closed)

Choccywoccydoodah rose to fame from their TV presence. A Gothic themed. Humorous but if I'm honest. Rather tacky chocolate shop, with a dark basement cafe. The hot chocolate that I tried felt like a lazy homemade hot chocolate. Not something worth travelling out for. The cheap. Store bought whipped cream was applied sloppily, and marshmallows were the small. Less impressive type.

Monocle Matcha Cream Hot Chocolate

The matcha cream hot chocolate from Monocle cafe, was one I couldn't wait to try. Sadly Monocle and their matcha cream hot chocolate were over hyped. Service was really quite bad throughout my time spent at Monocle cafe. The hot drinks. Including an eagerly anticipated. Matcha cream hot chocolate were bland. Far too watery and almost cold in temperature. The matcha cream didn't seem to have much in the way of matcha. All for an expensive price. In a cafe that's always a little too busy to enjoy sitting in.

Jaz & Jul's (now Copper house) hot chocolate

I tried Jaz & Jul's now known as the Copperhouse Chocolate's hot choc at a different cafe altogether and wasn't at all impressed.

Le Cafe Alain Ducasse

Although this hot chocolate has received positive online press reviews. The hot chocolate from Alain Ducasse was not one of the best. A little on the small side. Unimpressive to look at and sour to the taste. A small piece of 75% Madagascan chocolate was served alongside my hot drink. Which didn't do much to lessen the blow of being overcharged for such an unimpressive hot chocolate.

Rococo Hot Chocolate

Another brand that often features on popular best hot chocolate in London recommendations, is Rococo's hot chocolate. Thankfully, I only purchased a small cup. As Rococo hot chocolate was easily forgettable. Luke warm. Boring to look at, and bland to the taste. Worse still, was the size of the thing! You can order a small or regular. The small was only slightly larger than a shot glass. 

Pierre Marcolini Hot Chocolate

Pierre Marcolini is a pretty French chocolatier selling a variety of small chocolates. Cakes and colourful macrons. Pierre Marcolini produce some of the best white chocolate on the market in my opinion. Their hot chocolate however, looked better than it tasted. With an optional chocolate cream topping for an additional fee. The chocolate cream tasted like a chocolate mousse. The hot chocolate itself was slightly sour in taste. Not nearly hot enough. Nor was it a thick enough consistency. The best part about Pierre Marcolini's hot chocolate is the presentation. With milk chocolate discs and crunchy chocolate flavoured meringue pieces amidst the cream topping. 
Pierre Herme hot chocolate

Now for what I feel are genuinely the most impressive hot chocolates of London..

The "best of the best" hot chocolate in London

Said Dal

Said Dal 1923 are simply the best when it comes to hot chocolate. You can either enjoy a regular or large white hot chocolate. Milk hot chocolate. Dark. Or hazelnut hot chocolate beverage. 

All hot chocolate options are creatively prepared in a cup that's slathered in a trio of thick. Melting white. Dark and milk chocolate sauces. Don't forget to request this extra special triple chocolate cup with your hot chocolate at Said Dal 1923. As it's an additional treat. Incurring a supplement fee. Said hot chocolate has the most perfect. Creamy consistency, and just the right amount of sweetness.



Blixen is a surprise entry as I ordered their hot chocolate on a whim. Without any real expectations. It's nice when you're pleasantly surprised. The venue alone is reason to pull up a chair and enjoy a hot chocolate at Blixen. There's a covered garden room at the back of the restaurant. Which is a nice. Mini oasis amid the rush of London. When a hot chocolate arrives barista style with latte art. You can almost guarantee that it will be one of the best hot chocolates you've ever tasted.

Fabrique Bakery

Fabrique is another surprise entry, and another barista style cup that tastes real good. I first enjoyed a hot chocolate at Fabrique on a mild summers day at their Hoxton branch. Here you can overlook bakers making pastries almost right in front of you. The warehouse theme. With giant bags of flour dotted about adds to the unique style of the bakery.


DeRosier is a casual chocolate shop. With a romantic feel. Thanks to dark wood and soft lighting. At DeRosier, you can choose from six hot chocolate styles. Four of which vary in degrees of cocoa. The strongest being the 80% Uganda and 71% Ecuador. For a more milky. Traditional hot chocolate. There's the 64% Peru and 50/50 milk chocolate. Plus two more hot chocolate flavours. The white and Caramel. I enjoyed a cup of their 64% Peruvian hot chocolate which was really nice.

Godiva Chocolate

Godiva are a powerhouse when it comes to all things chocolate. That includes their amazing selection of hot chocolates. Head to Cafe Godiva in Harrods to enjoy a hot chocolate suckao. A suckao is a rich shot of melted chocolate in either milk. Dark or white chocolate. 

Also available at Cafe Godiva is what is known as a hot chocolixir. A tall slender cup of hot chocolate with three layers. Warm chocolate ganache. Steamed milk and milk foam. Choose from milk. Dark or white chocolate.

Over at the Godiva chocolate shops dotted about around London. You can enjoy one of four hot chocolate's. Milk. Hazelnut and praline. Dark chocolate or chocolate with speculoos. I enjoyed a hot chocolate with speculoo's on my first visit to Godiva Chocolate shop in Covent Garden. The hot chocolate was topped with cream, and a delicious. Crumbly biscuit. It looked and tasted quite impressive. The hot chocolate itself was quite nice and a decent temperature. However it was the unique biscuit topping that secured its place on my best hot chocolate list.
Godiva hot chocolate with speculoos

Cereal Killer

The aptly named loaded hot chocolate from Cereal Killer cafe comes in three flavours. Indulge in either chocolate. Salted caramel, or peanut butter. I enjoyed the traditional chocolate flavour hot chocolate at Cereal killer. It came with a whipped cream topping. Really creamy and for once a hot chocolate that was actually hot!

I was not expecting it to arrive so hot. As most of the hot chocolates I've tried in London were warm. If not cold. I took a big sip from the paper straw in the mug of cereal killers loaded hot chocolate and burnt my mouth! Typical! The one time my hot chocolate is hot, is the time when it comes served with a straw! Which is a bit dangerous. The fluffy whipped cream is drizzled in chocolate sauce. All finished off with a sprinkling of gold glitter. The rim of the cup has Nutella and Coco pops, which turn the hot chocolate into a yummy drinking cereal.

The surroundings at cereal killer are not to my taste. A bit dark and dingy. With a youthful 90's theme. However the food and drink options are really cool.


With two London locations. Venchi's suprema xv hot chocolate tastes somewhat like a dessert. With heaps of thick hazlenut chocolate spread as its base, and a fluffy whipped cream topping. You can also choose from two other hot chocolates on the menu at Venchi. A classic hot chocolate or an alcoholic hot chocolate which contains rum.

Artisan Du Chocolat

Looks can be deceptive as the hot chocolate from Artisan Du Chocolat looks basic. However it tastes divine. A really thick. Creamy consistency. With the perfect sweetness and nice and warm in temperature. It's what makes this hot chocolate one of the best London has to offer.

Dark Sugars

Dark Sugars have a chocolate shop in London Brick Lane and London Greenwich. There are an impressive 12 different hot chocolate options to choose from. Including an alcoholic hot chocolate and a ginger spiced hot chocolate. Appearance wise. This is one of the most impressive looking hot chocolate's you'll ever lay your eyes on. Which is why dark sugars hot chocolate is on my list of the best hot chocolate in London. Each hot chocolate is prepared with chocolate shards in milk. White and dark chocolate flavours. I tried the salted caramel hot chocolate. Which tasted nothing like salted caramel if I'm honest. It was more milk than chocolate. However. It was served at a nice. Warm temperature. You can also choose from alternative milk options if you don't drink dairy. I definitely recommend trying out a hot chocolate from dark sugars. Maybe you'll have more luck with a different flavour. Either way. The generous helping of real chocolate shards will more than make up for the potential lack of flavour in your hot chocolate.

Knot Churros

I also ordered a candy Floss hot chocolate from the drinks menu to go along with my churros from the Knot dessert bar. The candy Floss hot chocolate looks really cool. With a giant red stick of candy Floss in a take out cup. Or wrapped around the glass when eating in. The candy Floss brought back nice childhood memories. 

I recommend the Knot Churros hot chocolate as a winter treat to impress kids and teens with. 

Chin Chin Labs

The hot chocolate from Chin Chin labs is certainly one of the best looking hot chocolates in London. With a thick. Fluffy marshmallow topping that is impressively flame torched before your very eyes. The marshmallow s'more's hot chocolate is then finished off with a sprinkling of delicious cocoa powder and an edible chocolate chin chin logo.

This hot chocolate definitely requires a spoon! The marshmallow topping is plentiful and really sweet. With smooth. Creamy hot chocolate beneath. I'm glad the actual drinking chocolate was yummy. As sometimes hot chocolates focus on presentation and lack in taste. Overall. The marshmallow hot chocolate by Chin Chin labs was a little too sweet, because of the abundance of marshmallow. I would get it again though and recommend that you give it a try.

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