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The Knot Churros Review

The Knot Churros is a popular. Cute little dessert bar in the lovely London area of South Kensington. Just minutes from South Kensington Station. Its youthful. Girly design. Is perfect for taking pictures and instagrammers. I found the service received at the Knot Churros to be ok. On the menu at the knot churros. They serve up hot and cold beverages. Including signature lattes. Ice cream. A unique afternoon tea. Which comes served with bagels of your choosing and of course... Churros!

As the Knot is a popular destination and small in size. You're best to book ahead, as I couldn't get a seat when I arrived. 

The knot churros have a variety of toppings to choose from. And as the world's reigning number 1 chocolate lover. I of course went for the onyx churros. Which are three. Small teardrop shaped churros. Dusted with sugar and cinnamon. Drizzled in Belgian chocolate sauce. All finished off with crushed pieces of crumbly chocolate flake.


Wish I could actually give you my verdict on the onyx churros. But I can't because they got my order wrong! It's only when I got home that I realised I had been served the chocolate opal churros instead. I was quite annoyed about it. It wasn't easy for me to spot their mistake, because both onyx and chocolate opal are brown in colour.

The chocolate opal that I accidentally received are three, small teardrop shaped churros. With crushed oreo pieces. Nice enough. If you love oreos. 

It's cool that the knot also serve their own unique glazed churros. As well as traditional style churros. Dusted in sugar. Churros from the Knot are vegan and halal. 

The churros from the Knot are a little chewy in texture. With lots of cinnamon and sugar crystals on the outside. They were just okay. Taste wise. Not something I would crave or go back for. 

I also ordered a candy Floss hot chocolate from the drinks menu. The candy Floss hot chocolate looks really cool. With a giant red stick of candy floss. Placed inside my cup of hot drinking chocolate to go. The candy Floss brought back all sorts of childhood memories, and rather than just being red in colour. The candyfloss tasted quite flavoursome.

The hot chocolate itself was a bit basic. Barely even warm and quite bland in taste.

I recommend the Knot churros as a pit stop for kids and girly teens, but I personally won't be back.

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