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How to always look stylish and dress well

So you wanna know the secret to being well dressed. Wondering how some people always manage to look stylish. Even when they dress in simple. Everyday attire? Read on to find out, and subscribe at the bottom of this article. For more free fashion tips from me. 

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I haven't always nailed it when it comes to looking effortlessly stylish. I've discovered with time. That there's a thin line between looking well dressed and overdressed. In a cheap. Tacky way. One of the worst problems in the fashion world. Is that much of what is sold. Just doesn't look great in real life. On real people. Something can look amazing. Only because of the unnatural pose or camera angle.

A classy gown. Or dress. Is much easier to get right. Because. The dress does all the talking. You won't even need to accessorise the perfect dress. Effortlessly pairing a top. Bottoms and overcoat together is much more of a challenge.

Tip 1 : Be a little bit daring

One of the best fashion tips I can offer you.  To dress well and look stylish, is to purchase simple clothing items. In unexpected colours or textures.

You could also be a bit unique by adding an interesting accessory to an otherwise simple outfit. This can upgrade it from simple. To simple but stylish.

Tip 2 : Be Authentic 

Wear what suits you. If your aim is to dress well and look stylish. Just because a passer by, or celebrity looked great in "that" dress. Doesn't guarantee that it will work for you.

Vice versa! Figure out what looks right with your particular complexion. Hairstyle and body type. Don't buy into fashion trends unless you can pull them off!

Tip 3 : Choose comfort

Comfort over style. Yes you want to look stylish and dress well. However a painfully tight top. Uncomfortable heels. Or jacket one size too small will not only look silly on you. It will hurt, and that will show in your body language and facial expressions. 

An important yet often overlooked rule in how to look stylish and dress well. Is your presence. You can't beat a relaxed, but poised posture. With confident and happy facial expressions.

Who wants to trip up in high heels. Waddle like a duck in a skin tight skirt. Or have arms stiffer than the tin man in a jacket that's far too small.

Tip 4 : Plan Ahead

In order to always look stylish and dress well. You'll need to make time to plan your outfits out in advance. 

Take photos of the looks you find stylish for future reference. So you'll always have something stylish to wear. Even if you're in a rush. 

Tip 5 : Choose your colour palette

If you want to dress well. Don't try to buy too many different colours. Unless you're a very daring. Colourful dresser. The more colours you buy. More chance you'll struggle to match pieces together in a simple but stylish way. 

Ask yourself this question when clothes shopping. Is it in line with the colours in my wardrobe?

Tip 6 : Keep it simple

Minimalism is key if you want to dress well. In a simple. Yet stylish way. The day I learned to reduce my wardrobe and stop impulse buying. Is the day I truly learned how to dress simple but stylish. 

No more being stressed and overwhelmed by my sheer magnitude of clothes. Clothes I all too often struggled to stuff into my wardrobes and drawers. 

Tip 7 : Quality over quantity

If you're trying to dress well. Invest in quality items instead of quantity. Take your time increasing your clothes. Really think each new purchase through.

Tip 8 : Choose versatility

Do you long to dress well, but need to save money? Instead of piling up your wardrobe (and credit card bill) with lots of new purchases. Go for timeless pieces that are versatile. Not one time wears. 

When you're out looking for the next new thing to add to your collection consider this question. Will said item go with more than one piece in my wardrobe? 

Tip 9 : Try your outfits on in advance 

To make sure you will always look stylish. You can't just guess. Try items of clothing on and look at yourself in a full length mirror. You must try your complete outfit on!

Something as simple as a pair of shoes. Or even just the way your hair is styled. Can tip the scales on whether your overall outfits are hit or miss. Just one simple change, can mean the difference between whether or not your outfit will look stylish. 

Tip 10 : Go easy on yourself

If you want to dress well. Then stop trying so hard! When I used to put lots of pressure on myself to look stylish. I would buy really unique looking pieces. Clothing that didn't match the colour code of my own wardrobe. Things that were impossible to pair. 

They ended up looking ridiculous, and were impossible to style. I would get so stressed out. The items would stay in the wardrobe for a ridiculous amount of time. Never to be worn. 

I had to realise that simplicity is often times the much better option. Unless of course you love Avant Garde styling for the everyday! 

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