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Mayfields Lavender Farm


We went to Mayfields lavender farm in August. Just before completion of the lavender fields harvest. The front of Mayfields lavender farm had already been harvested so sadly we missed out on seeing Mayfields lavender fields in full bloom. Their famous red telephone box is located close to the front of the farm. Where I took some cool shots of my son by the red telephone box. 


Mayfields Lavender is the largest organic lavender farm in the UK. They opened their fields to the public in 2006 and have been the backdrop for many magazine shoots. Music videos and TV appearances. With two types of English lavender currently grown at Mayfields lavender farm. 

Mayfields lavender farm is a stunning place for professional and amateur photography. For a fee you can enjoy the fields privately for filming and photography purposes. Each year Mayfields lavender farm hold a photo contest. Where visitors can send in their best snaps for a chance to win a cash prize! 


We choose a really nice, hot day to visit and regardless of Covid. The lavender fields were quite busy with families. Couples and children.

Near the back of the lavender fields which hadn't yet been harvested was the best spot for lavender farm photos. A little patience is required to get some snaps, without other visitors photo bombing in the background. However, who can be stressed out or in a rush around all that calming lavender! 


I was a little nervous about the bees at times but thankfully I managed to get some good shots.

I chose to wear a purple ombre effect maxi skirt to highlight the purple lavender in the fields and also reflect onto my shimmering top. It's a really stand out piece of clothing that makes for amazing photos. 

After taking photos and strolling through the lavender we headed to the cafe and lavender shop near the front of Mayfields lavender farm. I tried some lavender ice cream. It's a scoop of vanilla mixed with lavender pieces. The lavender ice cream tasted wrong in my opinion! Especially because the texture of lavender pieces throughout the ice cream was horrible. I expected the ice cream to contain lavender oil only. Not little purple chunks of actual lavender flower. 

In Mayfields lavender farm shop we purchased some peppermint and lavender tea. It was sadly not very flavoursome. We also came away from Mayfields lavender farm with a nice new fragrance. The new myoud eau de toilette by Mayfields lavender farm smells so divine. Both my husband and I enjoy the fragrance. It's suitable for both men and women and smells great. I love the bottle a pretty, unisex design with a black and gold logo in the center of a transparent glass bottle. 

There are many other lavender products available in the shop. Including fresh cuts of lavender. Don't try and pick your own in the fields! 

Unfortunately you can no longer picnic in the lavender fields thanks to irresponsible visitors. However, I do recommend a trip to Mayfields lavender farm in season. For people of all ages. 


Lavender comes from the same family as mint and deters mice, fleas and mosquitoes. Lavender is commonly used as a natural sleep aid and relaxant. It's a popular ingredient in laundry detergents and Bath soaps. Commonly found in the colours blue and purple. However some varieties of lavender also come in pink and yellow colours. 

With more than 45 different known species of lavender in the world. Gros bleu is said to be a particularly attractive and large species of lavender. Producing a pretty pale purple bloom. While grosso lavender is considered to have the best scent of all lavender.

I've previously enjoyed many lavender products and find that a bunch of lavender makes such a beautiful centerpiece for a table or bedroom windowsill. It lasts long and gives a refreshing fragrance to the home. 

I tried lavender body lotion in the past to help clear eczema. Natural brands containing real lavender oil can be quite strong smelling and soothing to the skin. 

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