Bamboo Rafting in Jamaica

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I absolutely loved my first bamboo river rafting experience. It was a honeymoon excursion that took place in Falmouth, Jamaica during 2015. 


The weather was perfect for bamboo rafting. With the calm. Crystal clear water of the Martha Brae river. Lush. Green vegetation all around, and reggae music playing in the distance. After a peaceful. Romantic 1 hour 30 minute glide down the river. We enjoyed rum punch back on dry ground. Before heading back to our cruise ship. 

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Capable of growing a meter in just 24 hours! 

The bamboo rafts are hand made and thirty meters long. Bamboo rafting was once used to transport sugar and other crops. Down the Martha Brae river and connecting port towns. 

Bamboo rafting is a popular activity along some of Jamaica's glorious rivers. Including the impressive Rio Grande River in Port Antonio. I hope to experience bamboo rafting once more on the Rio grande River in the future. 

You can even enjoy a sunset or moonlight bamboo rafting excursion down the Rio grande River. 

It's amazing to me that bamboo is tougher than steel. Yet light enough to stay afloat during a bamboo river rafting experience. 

Bamboo rafting also happens along Jamaica's white river in Ocho Rios. During a two month winter break on the island of Jamaica. We spent a few nights at beach front resort Kaz Kreol. Which is situated right next to the white river. 

The white river doesn't look very appealing. If you only choose to do bamboo rafting once while in Jamaica. I suggest either the Martha Brae river in Falmouth. Or Rio grande River in Port Antonio. 

Kaz Kreol is a low budget. Beach front hotel with all inclusive and half board meal options. It has a small private beach area, and white river bamboo rafting right next door. However. The lack of cleanliness. Basic facilities and average food that we experienced at the hotel. Left more to be desired. 

Consider Kaz Kreol if you're on a tight Budget but love to be by the sea as much as I do. 

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