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My STK London Experience

We got the babysitter in and got dressed up for a date night out at STK London.

I had no idea what to expect. After quite a few average nights out and experiences of poor service in London, I was hoping that all the effort that went into this night would be worth it!
STK London restaurant
STK London restaurant review

It was worth it! STK is a gorgeous venue. Very glamorous. The sort of venue you dress up for.
We received excellent service from all members of staff. Start to finish.
You have to
phone ahead for a table booking and prepare to be on hold a little while. When we arrived at STK London, we were greeted with warmth. My coat was taken off and put away for me.

A smartly dressed young woman then escorted us to our reserved table. I can suffer with a little social anxiety at times, but the STK hostess pleasantly conversed with us and I was instantly put at ease.

We were seated in a lovely booth for two, with pretty blossom flowers behind us and a view of the whole venue. The lighting at STK London is the perfect ambience, not too bright. There was loud music playing throughout our stay and lots of buzz from other guests.

The vibe at STK London encourages you and your guest - or guests to relax and chat it up. The table layout at STK London is just right. Not too closely crammed together.

It wasn't long before our main waitress arrived. She was super friendly and took her time explaining and suggesting items on the STK London menu for us to try. By the end of the night I felt like I'd made a friend for life! Service this good is so rare!

Although STK London is a glam place. It's hip, non pretentious and the crowd is mixed. You can dress really smart or smart casual if that's more your preference. I wouldn't chance wearing sportswear!

For starter I ordered tuna tartare which comes cold. It was well seasoned but not particularly my cup of tea. J ordered STK London lil' bgrs, which are mini beef burgers with cheese and a fresh slice of tomato. You receive two and they're more filling than my starter. They're a popular choice at STK London. I suggest STK London lil' bgrs instead of tuna tartare.

We also received complimentary bread with blue cheese butter which I really enjoyed. My main at STK London was duck. It was unfortunately pretty small and quite bland. It comes medium, so ask for it well done if you only eat well done meats like myself.

STK London food
STK London sea bass

J had sea bass which he enjoyed. Again it was a little on the small side and none of our food arrived hot. We also enjoyed some mocktails. The hibiscus cooler mocktail was really nice.

Fairground dessert STK London

For dessert at STK London we ordered the fairground, which is a funfair themed dessert that serves two. You get mini chocolate milkshakes. Mini popcorn. Mini candied apples, macarons and mini doughnuts. It didn't taste nice at all. Just sugary. However I ordered it more for novelty value, because the dessert menu at STK London wasn't poppin.

The food at STK London wasn't all that, but I love the place for the superb service and entertainment value. Throughout the night our complimentary water was topped up before our glasses ever became empty. We were well looked after. Management even circulate, checking in on all guests.

Lively music, mostly old classics played all night, and you can hang out at the bar after you've eaten. Prices for a night at STK London are pretty expensive, but as a one off treat I recommend it. Excellent service really makes the world of difference for me. Especially if you're out on a romantic date or a special occasion.

I highly recommend STK London for a swanky date night or birthday celebration.

What Was Amazing?

The 5 star service. The vibes and the venue.

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