Is Mykonos Worth It?

In this blog post I'll be answering the following commonly asked questions about Mykonos Greece:

Mykonos Windmills
Mykonos - Windmills of Kato

  • What is the best location to stay in Mykonos?
  • Does Mykonos have sandy beaches?
  • Is Mykonos expensive?
  • How many days do I need in Mykonos?
  • Is Mykonos worth it? Worth visiting?
  • Is Mykonos too touristy?
  • Is Mykonos hot in May?
  • Where should you eat in Mykonos?

Mykonos (Mikonos). A Greek island that has shot to fame in recent times. Thanks largely to the celebrities that party and vacation in Mykonos each year. Viral photos of Mikonos vibrant. White streets and contrasting blue doorways. Having some of the most luxury hotels on one island. Not forgetting the old town - Chora. For it's distinctive streets. Or the iconic row of windmills, known as the windmills of Kato. The all white theme of Mykonos makes for perfect photos. Whether it be for a wedding. Fashion shoot. Or Instagram. Mikonos truly is a photographers dream. But, is Mykonos really worth it? As in is Mykonos worth visiting. Well..that all depends on when you choose to visit Mykonos, and your idea of a getaway. I recently got back from a holiday to Mikonos in May 2019. It was an eight day trip that fell outside of the official Mykonos tourist season.

Is Mykonos hot in May?

Mykonos in May was stunning by day but quite chilly by night. With some really hot hours, but also a need for a light jacket at times. A cozy jumper wouldn't go amiss during less common, but still possible cloudy or windy days. An early morning cuppa is called for in May. Before the suns rays really start beaming down in the afternoon, and an evening hot tub is just the ticket once the sun begins to set. Thankfully, loads of Mikonos hotels and villas have a Jacuzzi. Mykonos weather in May was at points hot enough to sunbathe. I certainly got tanned. Even a little sunburnt. Yet, it at no point during our holiday felt warm enough to dive into the freezing cold water at Ornos beach.

A key rule of mine is that if the sand is so unbearably hot, you need to run to get into the sea. Like a scene out of baywatch. Then you know you'll be comfortable in the water. No matter the temperature. I learnt this on holiday in Kefalonia - another Greek island that you can read about here : Ornos beach is in the South West region of Mikonos and the first of three beaches I visited during my Mykonos vacation. Located on the southwestern side of Mykonos island. Ornos beach can get moderately busy just out of season.

My favourite beach by far was Megali Ammos beach. The water at Megali Ammos beach is warmer and less choppy. The beach itself was really peaceful. Which is what we wanted. You can enjoy megali ammos beach in luxury. When staying as a guest of Mikonos bay hotel. Some of the best sunsets on the island of Mykonos can be enjoyed at Megali Ammos beach too.

Mykonos has a nice variety of beaches. Busy, party beaches. Like super paradise beach. Luxury beaches. With scheduled events. Private loungers. Beauty and massage treatments. Private booths. Bars and restaurants like SantAnna at Platis Gialos beach. Or quieter, less busy beaches, such as Agios Sostis.

Mikonos - Merchia Beach
Merchia Beach in Mykonos - A quiet sandy beach

Does Mykonos have sandy beaches?

Yes! Most of the beaches in Mykonos, Greece are sandy. Not top of the range sand, but decent enough. Some Mikonos beaches are sandy, mixed with rocks.

Is Mykonos too touristy?

Mykonos feels intimate. Rustic and romantic.. when you're in the right place at the right time. Just before the official vacation season begins. That is, during the off season of May. In May, Mykonos strikes the perfect balance between being peaceful and busy. There are serene locations in Mikonos where you can enjoy some alone time and just soak in the Mykonian surroundings. Listen to birdsong and crashing waves during the day. Wander down pretty, white narrow lanes and point out loads of pretty. Tiny white churches. Or even hike the easy to moderately challenging hills and mountains for beautiful views across Mykonos Greece. I went to Mikonos during May 2019. As Mykonos is becoming ever more popular. It's possible that May 2020 and beyond will soon become a really busy. Touristy time to visit Mykonos.

Definitely rent a moped or quad bike for a full day or longer. To get around the whole island of Mykonos. Bar. Beach and club hop.

Mykonos Travel : Is Mykonos worth it?
Mykonos - Ornos area.

Is Mykonos expensive?

Staying in a luxury establishment will cost you a bit. Especially if you plan to travel to Mikonos during touristy months. You can save on the price of luxury accommodation, by visiting Mykonos just before the official "touristy" tourism season begins. Restaurant prices in Mykonos Greece are very steep. Mikonos is such a popular tourist destination at the moment. Food in all but one place has been quite basic from what we tried. We ate in different regions of Mykonos, including little Venice and Ornos. Most restaurants serve the same cuisines.

Where should you eat in Mykonos?

For us, the best casual restaurant we ate at in Mykonos Greece was a restaurant called D'Angelo. You've got to make a visit to D'Angelo if you're after not only delicious food, but also excellent service. Friendly waiters greet you and chat with you as you pass by. It works in terms of getting you to choose D'Angelo to sit down and eat in. D'Angelo even have a second menu just for vegans and vegetarians such as myself! What was nice is that I didn't have much expectation for the food quality at D'Angelo, but I was pleasantly surprised. The only negative was that it's pretty expensive to dine there. If you're dining solo, or as a couple. Not so bad, but a for a family of four like us. It starts to add up! You can find D'Angelo in the popular tourist area of little Venice.

Did you know that Mykonos is home to some of the most luxury hotels found on one island. Given this info, it should come as no surprise that there are some seriously stunning hotels. Villas and spas across Mykonos island, Greece. You can read my honest review of the luxury hotel I chose to stay at in Mikonos here :

When it comes to getting around the island of Mykonos, it's best done by motorbike or an ATV. Walking around Mikonos involves a lot of trekking up and down hills. The roads in Mykonos aren't built with pedestrians in mind. You'll find yourself walking alongside traffic. It gets pretty busy on the streets of Mykonos too, and we were there mid May just before the official tourism season had kicked off. One can only imagine what Mykonos traffic is like in summer!

Where we stayed last of all in Mykonos Greece was almost directly on Mercia beach. Getting to the location was quite an effort even by car!

Surprisingly the attitude of not one but two different staff members at the two lower budget establishments we were booked to stay at was bad. Hospitality and cleanliness in both 3 star accommodations was poor. I don't recommend staying in a 3 star location in Mykonos if you can afford not to. Positive online reviews and photos aren't enough to base your decision on from my experience.

Mykonos is best done in luxury. If you can. Spend a bit extra for a glam apartment or hotel.

Little Venice - Mykonos
Mykonos - Old town (Chora) Little Venice

So. Is Mykonos worth a visit?

Sure! However, make sure to get there before the official Mykonos holiday season kicks off. May is a good time to go to Mikonos Greece. Or you'll suffer the consequence of overcrowding at each tourist hot spot. You have been warned!

A friendly local told us that there are only 30 taxis on the whole island, so you would need to book in advance to catch a ride during the most touristy of all seasons.

Plan your trip properly. If you want to enjoy a peaceful. Less touristy vacation. Visit Mykonos in May when it's still nice and warm, but less touristy. Just before the official holiday season begins. The last place we visited in Mykonos was Merchia beach. Which is one of Mykonos most peaceful beaches. Although we enjoyed Merchia beach. Merchia was a little littered with rubbish. Like plastic that had washed up on shore. There were zero amenities at Merchia beach. No toilets. Restaurant or shop. Plus, getting there was not easy. If you decide that Merchia beach is worth it.

How long do I need in Mykonos?

How long you spend in Mykonos depends. Don't plan on spending more than a few days in Mykonos, if you're there for attractions, as there isn't that much to see or do. Unless nightlife. Designer shopping and beaches is what you're after. There's plenty of choice for all three. You will need to be comfortable with nudity and the LGBTQ community if you're after a good party. As there is a huge focus on the Gay, queer and trans lifestyle in popular party locations of Mikonos. If that's not for you. Stay out of such zones on the island by planning ahead. If you do travel to Mykonos, Greece. I suggest making your visit to Mykonos part of a larger holiday to other neighbouring Greek islands. Like Santorini. You can ferry.. or helicopter across depending on your budget.

So. The best time to go to Mykonos Greece depends on whether you're there to party and be seen. Or you wish to soak in the scenery and really chill out. If the party life is what you're after. Visit Mikonos from June or July onwards. For a more relaxed, less touristy visit to Mykonos Greece. Go in May. Before May the weather isn't warm and many resorts are closed for the winter.

I have much more to say about my holiday to Mykonos. Read all the articles and see more pictures at the following link

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