One Of The Best Hotels In Mykonos?

What makes Mykonos bay hotel one of the best hotels in Mykonos? mykonos bay hotel
A number of things. The private beach front location is one of the best things you could ask for, in my opinion. The close proximity of the hotel to probably the best tourist area on the island - Little Venice is another great bonus. With its pretty side streets. Popular nightlife scene and iconic windmills of Kato. The amazing suites at Mykonos bay hotel. Many featuring a private pool. Jacuzzi. Or both! Excellent service from all hotel staff. The fabulous hotel design. Affordability. I'm not saying that it's dirt cheap to stay at Mykonos bay hotel. However for the quality of the hotel. It's a lot cheaper to stay there than it would be at some other high end hotels in Mykonos. Let alone hotels of the same standard in certain other countries!

With so many luxury hotels to choose from in Mykonos, I settled on Mykonos bay hotel for all of these reasons. Mykonos bay hotel is in the perfect location. Beach front on megali Ammos beach. One of the best beaches in Mykonos. A less busy beach. Within walking distance of the best tourist destinations on the island. Little Venice. The beautiful streets of the old town and the famous windmills of Kato. Mykonos bay hotel consists of beach front hotel rooms. A fine dining restaurant. An extensive list of the best spa and massage treatments. Plus a bar and breakfast area higher up. With hillside villa suites that take in some of the best sunsets on the island. Plus panoramic land and sea views across Mykonos.

There are two public pool areas with loads of comfy, stylish seating options. Such as swing seats and bamboo huts. With music playing from concealed speakers.
All amenities in each suite are synced to a tablet with buttons for different light settings on the walls. Along with automatic curtain opening and closing. A do not disturb switch and a please clean the room switch.
A generous helping of branded towels are neatly displayed around the room along with slippers, robes and luxury toiletries.
Well thought out design with genuinely friendly staff in visible white uniform.
I love that Mykonos bay is a small to medium sized hotel. As it feels more intimate and exclusive.
There's an extensive breakfast buffet with everything you could ask for. Sweet dried fruit including papaya sticks. Museli. Fresh fruit and cheeses. A delicious selection of sweet and savory pastries. Yoghurt, smoothies and an optional hot breakfast of eggs done your way. Omlette, meats, or pancakes.

Our gorgeous suite featured a private outdoor plunge pool and a hot tub! Our suite on the hillside had the best views across Mykonos thanks to the hotels position and megali ammos beach. The sunset from our suite each night was incredible.

Mykonos Bay beach hotel

Megali ammos beach is a peaceful beach. West of the island. With a large section of the beach dedicated to guests of Mykonos bay hotel. There are private Mykonos bay hotel beach beds. Towels and table service all complimentary to guests staying at Mykonos bay hotel.
The hotel restaurant Alishani is also beach side. As well as a plush area fitted with white swing chairs and giant beanbag cushions.

Megali ammos beach has warmer water and gentler waves in comparison to Ornos beach, where the water was freezing cold. The sand at Megali ammos beach is yellow and mingled with rocks. Megali Ammos beach is also one of the best places to watch the sunset on Mykonos island.
The staff at Mykonos bay hotel were so friendly and attentive. There's even a complimentary shuttle to town or downhill to the beach should you desire.

Now everything sounds so perfect at Mykonos bay, but sadly. I have to burst the bubble. As much as I don't want to have to ruin this positive review of Mykonos bay hotel, I need to be honest about something really important.

Mykonos bay hotel have a cockroach problem. The first night in our suite, I noticed a dead cockroach on it's back. I didn't say or think anything of it at the time. As I wasn't sure it was even a cockroach. Then the final morning of our stay at Mykonos bay, we saw a live cockroach in the middle of the room!

So yeah, as much as I enjoyed every moment at Mykonos bay hotel prior to that incident. I was glad our time at the hotel had come to an end when it did. I would not have felt comfortable staying there any longer!

This is just proof that not everything that glitters is gold in the world of travel and luxury. It's crazy that in all the hotels and villas I've stayed in over the years. It's a luxury 4.5 star hotel where I deal with such an ugly pest problem for the first.. and hopefully the last time.

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