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Best Travel Films

When I feel all travelled out. Travel movies really get me in the best mood to go on yet another wanderlust adventure. Sadly, there just aren't enough good travel movies out there! I love to get lost in inspiring travel movies and movies about travelling just happen to be my favourite type of movies to watch. Some of the best travel movies are based on true life stories and my list of travel movies includes movies from as far back as the 1960's. All the way up to 2017.

I thought I would put together a list of all my best travel movies to provide some travel inspiration if ever you need it. The movies listed below are set around the world. Travel by film with me to India. Asia. Australia. America. Africa. The Caribbean and Europe!

Travel Movie : Hatari - The Location : Africa (Tanzania)

best travel films - Hatari
In my opinion. Vintage movies are the best, and the fact that Hatari manages to perfectly merge romance. Humour and real animal cinematography together is amazing.

Watch Hatari online at :
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Travel Movie : Chocolat - The Location : Europe (France, England)

best travel films - Chocolat

Did somebody say chocolate? Chocolate and travel. How could Chocolat not be one of my best travel movies! The main actress in Chocolat loves to travel, but her reason for doing so is unhealthy. Chocolat portrays this dilemma really well.

Watch Chocolat online at the following link :
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Travel Movie : Captain Fantastic - The Location : USA

best travel films - Captain Fantastic

This is one of those funny. Super inspiring travel movies about family life lived on the road. Being encouraged to follow your own path. Even when others can't see things from your perspective.

Watch Captain Fantastic online at :
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Travel Movie : Into The Wild - The Location : Alaska

best travel films - Into The Wild

Into the wild is one of the very first and best travel movies I've ever watched. It's an inspiring story of a man who decides to leave behind his wealthy. Clean cut life in the rat race, to take on an altogether different journey of solitude, in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska.

Watch Into The Wild online at the following link :
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Travel Movie : How Stella Got Her Groove Back - The Location : The Caribbean (Jamaica)

best travel films - How Stella Got Her Groove Back

A steamy classic that's best for singletons and those suffering from a breakup. A reminder that you can find love anywhere in the world. And at any age. If dating in your city. Town or country hasn't worked out. You could always consider trying to find love further afield.

Watch How Stella Got Her Groove Back online at :
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Travel Movie : Eat Pray Love - The Location : Italy. India. Indonesia

best travel films - Eat Pray Love

Based on the novel Eat. Pray. Love. Sometimes we need to travel to find ourselves. Falling in love with yourself is so important. Figure out what makes you tick. Eat. Pray. Love is one of those travel movies with all the best compartments. Self awareness. Food. Romance. Spirituality and travel.

Watch Eat. Pray. Love online at :
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Travel Movie : Jungle - The Location : Colombia

One of the best travel movies out there featuring Harry Potter Legend Daniel Radcliffe. As a traveller seeking to get away from his mundane life. This film is well executed. An honest, gripping portrayal of the many possible highs and lows of raw. Hands on travel.

Watch Jungle online at :
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Travel Movie : Memoirs Of A Geisha - The Location : Japan

East Asian Geisha culture springs to life on my TV screen, and I really feel like I'm in Kyoto. Japan. As Memoirs of a Geisha progresses. The frustration of watching the main character yearn for the chairman and never knowing if she will ever confess her undying love to him. Is almost unbearable to watch!

Watch Memoirs Of A Geisha online at the following link :
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Travel Movie : Lion - The Location : India. Australia

Based on a true story this is one of those touching movies with somewhat of a happy ending. You really feel like you are right beside the main character in this film. Being transported from one side of the world to the next. Experiencing culture shock from the contrast in cultures and lifestyles.

Watch Lion online at :
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Travel Movie : Wild - The Location : USA

Not to be confused with Into The Wild. This one is for my brave, (and not so brave) solo, female backpackers out there! Wild is produced really well. Which is not something that's easy to do, considering the limited cast members.

Watch Wild online at the following link :
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Travel Movie : 127 Hours - The Location : USA

Speaking of limited cast members. 127 hours features just one actor! It's such an inspiring, well made travel movie.

Stream 127 hours online at :
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Travel Movie : The Life Of Pi - The Location : Taiwan. India. Canada

As a lover of big cats Richard Parker the majestic tiger featured in this dramatic movie made a huge impression. The Life Of Pi is such a creative piece of cinematography, that literally transports you to another world entirely.

Watch The Life Of Pi online at the following link :
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Travel Movie : The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty - The Location : Iceland

I don't usually like Ben Stiller films. So the fact that this movie was so unexpectedly amazing was a real treat. If you're like me and not much of a Ben Stiller fan. Give this movie a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Iceland. Where this movie is set, is a place that holds dear memories for me. If you haven't already check out my travel tips and reviews of Iceland at the following link -

Stream The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty online at :
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Travel Movie : The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - The Location : India

Travel to the other side of the world. I really felt like I was in India when watching the best exotic marigold hotel. The colourful sights of the bustling streets and markets. You can almost smell the spices coming off of your screen.

Watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel online at the following link :
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Travel Movie : The Hundred Foot Journey - The Location : France

Food and travel are my two favourite things. With Indian food being one of the best cuisines in my opinion. Both are perfectly combined in this humorous film. Om Puri Has always been a comical actor to me and in The Hundred Foot Journey, he doesn't disappoint.

Stream The Hundred Foot Journey online at :
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Travel Movie : Under the Tuscan sun - The Location : Italy

I love the idea of spontaneously buying and renovating a beautiful property overseas. Starting a whole new life in another part of the world. The excitement of not knowing what is to come of such a spontaneous decision. Featuring scenes of famous Positano. Also known as the Amalfi Coast. A place I hope to visit some day. Positano is a travel location that has gone viral online.

Stream Under The Tuscan Sun online at the following link :
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Travel Movie : The Jungle Book - The Location : India

An old Disney classic brought to life with impressive graphics and an adorable and incredible young actor. I feel like I'm face to face with all the majestic jungle animals and plant life.

Watch The Jungle Book online at the following link :
Buy The Jungle Book on DVD at the following link :

Travel Movie : Everything. Everything - The Location : Hawaii

This is one of those movies that really surprised me! I wasn't interested in watching everything, everything and had put it off for the longest time. Then. One night I was bored senseless, and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did as it's now one of the best travel movies I've ever watched. Everything, Everything is a film that both teens and young or young at heart adults like myself can enjoy. It's executed really well, with a good story line.

There are some exciting moments, where the main characters go off on some spontaneous, amazing travels. Everything. Everything is a huge reminder that tomorrow is not promised, so we should not waste a day. Or even a single moment. Maybe you or a loved one is sick, and that's what has stopped you from seeing more of the world. Watch this movie and I'm sure you'll be encouraged to travel somewhere new. Even if it's just in your own country.

I know what it's like to battle with health problems. Fears. To feel lonely and isolated. So the movie Everything. Everything really spoke to me. As it covered all of these topics. The movies soundtrack is really cool too.

Stream Everything Everything at :
Get Everything Everything on DVD at :

Have you been putting off that round the world trip or just a much needed holiday? Watch the movies listed above. There's something for everyone on my list. They're all different from one another and speak on a number of issues that we all face as human beings. After binge watching these travel movies. You'll soon be taking to the sky. Sea. Rails or road to collect some of your best memories ever! I wish you all the best. Here's to safe and happy future travels!

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