A Pancake Lovers Dream!

I was overjoyed when I first visited My Old Dutch Pancake House in London - a casual restaurant that sell a variety of delicious pancakes.

My Old dutch desserts
My Old Dutch - Poffertjes and Butterscotch Pancakes

The colourful restaurant also cook up dessert waffles, and are well loved for their

I recently went back to My Old Dutch. One of my favourite London restaurants. This time to check out their Chelsea branch.

I enjoyed a special shake which is only available in store on the menu. A dark chocolate, raspberry milkshake with fresh raspberries. Whipped cream, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. It tastes as perfect as it sounds!

I also tried some of my husbands kinder bueno milkshake which is so deliciously thick and creamy. Milkshake lovers won't be dissapointed with My Old Dutch shakes!

J chose a chicken curry pancake for lunch. It comes with rice, mango chutney and yoghurt. Tender chunks of chicken breast in a mild but flavoursome curry sauce.

my old dutch pancake

My savoury pancake of choice was some like it hot. A pancake with chicken pieces, cheese. Fresh red onion and chillies.

I preferred the chicken curry pancake. As it has some sauce and side plates.

Let's talk about the main event...dessert!

The dessert and sweet pancake section of the menu is filled with options. There are three styles of sweet pancakes available at my old dutch.  Poffertjes - which are 16 mini fluffy, pancakes. Butterscotch - the fluffy, american style, stacked pancakes and classic - the thin, large pancakes.

As we enjoyed the classic style for our savoury mains. J chose poffertjes for dessert, with berry compote and cream.

I chose some chocolatey butterscotch pancakes. Served with a generous amount of chocolate chips and warm chocolate sauce. This dessert is perfect for chocoholics that are after a huge chocolate hit.

The poffertjes were just as perfect. Soft, fluffy mini pancakes served with fresh whipped cream and some tangy berries.

On my first visit to the Holborn branch I decided on a hoisin duck pancake from My Old Dutch. I was impressed by the size and look of the pancake when it arrived at our table.

Tender pieces of duck comes wrapped in a giant pancake with a good amount of flavoursome hoisin sauce. The hoi sin duck pancake from My Old Dutch is a hit!

I've also tried the chilli con carne pancake at My Old Dutch Pancake House, which is pretty good, but the hoi sin duck is my fave. The chilli con carne pancake comes with a side of nachos and guacamole.

My dessert of choice first time round was a waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Warm, gooey chocolate sauce that I couldn't get enough of. With a soft, fluffy waffle, and creamy vanilla ice cream. This dessert from My Old Dutch Pancake House is bound to cheer you up if ever you're feeling down. Pick up a loyalty card, where you can get a FREE pancake after you receive 9 stamps. That's not the only great deal at My Old Dutch Pancake House. On Monday's you can order select pancakes for just £5!

Expect queues on Mondays, as we had to queue last time we went to My Old Dutch Pancake House on a Monday. Well worth it though - If only just for a tempting dessert or tasty milkshake. My Old Dutch Pancake House also serve up soups and salads, they have a kids menu and gluten free options too!

my old dutch

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