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My Ethos Restaurant Experience

Ethos interior

Ethos is a London restaurant serving vegan and vegetarian options. The restaurant itself is beautiful with
floor to ceiling tree trunks and autumn themed leaves wrapped around them for the autumn season.

Ethos is a self service restaurant where you go up and pick from the delicious food options available. I was amazed at just how many delicious, colourful food choices were on offer. I wanted to try as much as possible but it was impossible to sample everything because we were so spoilt for choice with variety.

The food at Ethos all looked so visually appealing and thankfully it all tasted really delicious too.

Ethos review

There were a few unique drinks options on the menu too like rose hip and gin or rhubarb and vodka.

My favourite food choices at Ethos were the Mexican salsa with blackbean chilli, which had a gentle heat to it. The beetroot with wholegrain mustard and maple dressing had a pleasant, slightly sweet, slightly tangy taste. Then there was the quinoa and avocado salad. I've never tried a quinoa salad before and I'm definitely sold on the idea after trying it at Ethos.

Likewise, the fennel and apple salad was a delicious first for me. It tasted fresh and mildly sweet. The Mediterranean cous cous was colourful delight, with raw pumpkin seeds adding a different texture. The halloumi cheese bites were yummy too, but my two most favourite dishes were the creamy, gluten free dauphinoise potatoes and the mushroom strudels which were so so good.

You can also take your food away at Ethos, and the variety of desserts available were just as generous as the mains.

I tried the delicious vegan and nut free raspberry chocolate cake and the vegan chocolate cake. Both were super delicious. I like the fact that the cakes weren't as sickly sweet as most conventional cakes. It's much healthier and tastier. Aside from chocolately cakes and brownies. There were also festive pies and cupcakes available for dessert at Ethos.

It was great to see so many nut free options available at Ethos. As in the past, going vegan has meant that people with nut allergies like myself are very limited in what we can have.

What Was Amazing?

The beautiful venue design. The large variety of vegan, vegetarian, nut free and gluten free food choices. The deliciousness of each dish.

ethos london

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