Babys first rave!

At just 6 months of age my son enjoyed his very first rave with mum and dad in tow. He's now almost a year and a half. The time has flown, but I remember his first baby rave like it was just yesterday.

He looked so adorable under the party lights on the dance floor. He really seemed to enjoy the baby rave, as he didn't get distressed at any point during his time there. Mum and dad enjoyed ourselves too! It was nice to get out and boogie again. Without having to worry about getting a babysitter in.

Baby raves last for 2 to 4 hours. Less time than an adults only rave and are a great sensory experience for young children. There was a small play area with a mini ball pit and soft tunnels to crawl through over to one side.

The baby raves need to be booked in advance and are held in a number of locations. Some raves are themed and the music and DJ lineup is always different.

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