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Dominique Ansel is a cafe - bakery located in Belgravia. Victoria, South West London. The French native bakery is in a great location. With loads of transport options on its doorstep. Dominique Ansel London is one of a chain of French patisseries across Europe. With a pretty floral arch in the entrance, that's changed seasonally. Some items on the menu at Dominique Ansel also change with the seasons.

Dominique Ansel bakery is impressive for unique. Ingenious desserts and drink inventions. The beauty and creativity of each item on the menu at Dominique Ansel. Warrants Dominique Ansel with much success in the food industry.

I went to Dominique Ansel in London, to try a toasted marshmallow s'more ice cream. Along with a chocolate chip cookie cup. The cafe has indoor and outdoor seating, with table service.

Dominique Ansel bakery was busy throughout my time spent there. With a steady flow of intrigued customers and passers by taking pictures. I could see why Dominique Ansel went viral online. With their vibrant, instagrammable cakes and pastries. Glistening away beneath the counter.

Service received at Dominique Ansel was great. Great service always deserves a mention. Our order didn't take long to arrive. A friendly waiter at Dominique Ansel poured some fresh milk into our chocolate chip shot cups. The chocolate chip cookie cups are made of edible. Shot glass sized chocolate chip cookies! They were a fraction larger than I expected, and the milk inside the cup was perfectly chilled and creamy. The Chocolate chip cup itself was delicious and really sturdy. There'll be no leaks. Promise! The cookie dough was perfectly chewy. Buttery and chocolately. And as we all know. Milk and cookies make the perfect companion.

Dominique Ansel London : Chocolate chip cookie shot and Frozen s'more ice cream

Dominque Ansel frozen marshmallow s'more ice cream, didn't quite live up to the hype unfortunately. It looks and sounds better than it actually is. The toasted marshmallow s'more ice cream by Dominique Ansel was a bit small, considering the price. Far too sickly sweet tasting, and though the marshmallow s'more was perfectly toasted. I personally feel that there was too much marshmallow, and not enough vanilla ice cream in the center. By the way, the frozen s'more ice cream is suitable for halal diets and those that don't eat pork, such as myself. The marshmallow is not made with commonly used pork gelatin. Yay!

I'm confused by the "frozen s'more" ice cream title, as from the name. I had expected the marshmallow s'more to be frozen. Along with the ice cream. However it's not.

I loved the chocolate chip cookie shot. Yet, I wasn't as impressed by Dominique Ansel bakery as I had hoped I would be. However. There are so many other interesting menu options, that I'll definitely head back to Dominique Ansel, to try some other items from Dominique Ansel patisserie in Belgravia London.

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