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Ohrid is a great choice for those looking for cheap vacation ideas. We flew to Ohrid just out of season in mid October but were blessed with really warm weather. The flights were dirt cheap, and it took just under 3 hours to get from London to Ohrid, Macedonia.
Ohrid Macedonia best holiday destinations

We stayed right by
the main attraction. Beautiful lake Ohrid in a reasonably priced 4 star rated apartment.
Macedonia Ohrid
Because we were there out of season, we bagged an upgrade to the best room in the house. A large room with the main bed and balcony facing lake Ohrid. It was wonderful waking up to the view of lake Ohrid each morning.

It  was a lazy holiday for us. We didn't feel the need to do any excursions in Ohrid. I initially planned to go paragliding, but recharging our batteries was the order of each day.

There  are stony beaches dotted around lake Ohrid and the lake separates Albania from Macedonia.

The restaurant directly next door to our accommodation was amazingly cheap. For just £25 we were able to enjoy dinner for all three of us. Alcohol, plus a dessert for me.

Macedonia Lake OhridMacedonia is a great place to visit if you're after an inexpensive holiday.
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