A Different Kind Of Rose!

Amorino gelato have an abundance of flavour offerings ranging from sorbets to ice creams. Amorino gelato is famed for it's beautiful flower shaped ice creams.

Gelato Amorino - Flower Icecream
The flower shaped ice cream
really does look pretty and the service received was really good too.
I chose the regular size flower ice cream cone, which is pretty filling. At Amorino Gelato there's also an option for large. The flavours I chose were vanilla, chocolate, raspberry and mango. The chosen flavours made for a really pretty looking flower.

You can't go wrong with vanilla. The mango sorbet was probably my other favourite flavour at Amorino. However I don't particularly think that Amorino gelato ice creams are the best of the best in terms of what I've tasted.

You can pick as many flavours as there are petals on your flower ice cream cone. Amor Amorino!


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