An Impressive Lunch At Bayleaf

My Bayleaf Whetstone Restaurant Experience

Bayleaf Momo Starter - Whetstone

Bayleaf is an
award winning, fine dining Indian restaurant in Whetstone. Serving an impressive selection of contemporary Indian food in their beautiful North London restaurant.
I went to Bayleaf for lunch, and was immediately greeted by a warm, friendly member of staff upon arrival. The restaurant features a relaxing water wall feature, along with comfortable seating. Stunning gold and mirrored walls surround you, and the music adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

We ordered some poppadoms whilst we took our time going through the extensive, mouth watering menu. Poppadoms at Bayleaf are best ordered with 6 freshly made condiments. A tomato salsa. Coconut cream. Coriander and mint puree. Yoghurt mint sauce, fresh onion salad and my favourite - the sweet mango chutney.

The appetiser menu features chicken, vegetarian, lamb and seafood dishes.

I went for the momo. A sharing starter of steamed chicken dumplings. The presentation of this dish was unforgettable. White mist bubbles out of the center of the dish. Creating an impressive display.
Bayleaf Food - Whetstone
The dumplings arrived hot and were perfectly soft. Filled with tender chicken pieces and served with a little fresh salad and tasty homemade sauce.

There are five mains categories on the menu at Bayleaf. With so much choice there's a lot that I'd love to try in the future.

The menu is well thought out, with symbols to let you know whether a dish contains potential allergens like nuts, seafood or dairy.

The five mains categories are grilled, seafood, chicken, lamb and vegetarian. I ordered the tandoori bara pasli from the grilled category.

Lamb chops are served on a plate of raw papaya, greek style yoghurt, green chillies, ginger. Garlic. Vinegar and peppercorn spice. Accompanied by a basket of soft, buttery naan bread.

The lamb chops are the most tender, succulent pieces of lamb I've ever tasted. I could have eaten more! I definitely recommend ordering a curry or separate sauce to accompany this main, as it's quite a dry dish.

My husband J ordered the darbari chicken masala. A relatively hot main, accompanied by some delicious, buttery pilau rice. Topped with crispy onions. The darbari chicken masala is tandoori chicken off the bone in a thick, fragrant, mouth watering sauce of green chillies, fresh tomatoes. Onions and green peppers. The chicken was tender and perfectly flavoured, and the heat from this dish gently creeps up on you.

To drink, we enjoyed a refreshing bayleaf passion and summer fruit mocktail. Our waiter at Bayleaf Whetstone was friendly and attentive. I recommend Bayleaf Whetstone for a romantic date or group celebration.

What Was Amazing?

The glamorous venue. The fancy momo starter and the extensive selection of dishes available.

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