Visiting Croatia's Amazing National Park

During my September 2016 holiday to Croatia I spent a few hours at Krka national park. It's an excellent choice for those who are considering going to the Plitvice lakes. Krka national park doesn't get as busy as the plitvice lakes and for us, it was closer to our accomodation than Plitvice lakes.

Krka national park boat ride

To get
to Krka national park you take a relaxing 20 minute boat ride over still waters. The boat ride to Krka national park is included in the entry fee. We spotted jellyfish along the way.

2-3 hours at krka national park is just enough time to take a dip in front of the main waterfall. The epic skradinski buk and walk round the park. It's a beautiful sight to behold in real life.

Croatia Krka Waterfal Skradinski buk

The main waterfall at Krka national park is sectioned off meaning you can't swim directly underneath it, however you can get pretty close. You'll be swimming amongst small and medium sized fish in the water. It's quite rocky so we were glad that we had brought some sea shoes to protect our feet.

I reccomend getting to krka national park at the opening time like we did. That way you'll get amazing photos with the waterfall all to yourself.

There were loads of fish in the water at krka national park, and they loved eating our paprika pringles!

Another bonus is the sandy beach near the dock, which is quite secluded if you fancy it.

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