The Whale Bakery Review

The Whale Bakery 

I was invited to review a new bakery in London that's already going viral on the Internet. The Whale Bakery in Colindale specialises in cakes. Pastries and boba tea. With each bubble tea you can choose the sugar level and ice level, and whether to add foam on top.

Whale Bakery
There are so many unique, mouthwatering drinks to choose from at the Whale Bakery in Colindale. I chose a Dalgona coffee which was a delicious creamy coffee filled with Tapioca Pearls.

Decor - the Whale Bakery is great for social media photos. Special occasions and remote working. With its light and airy design and one half of the cafe a vibrant pink and dark green. With a neon sign. 

The Whale Bakery
The self serve pastry side of the cafe is pastel pink with a pretty sakura tree nestled in the corner between the pastry shelves. Readers will be happy to know that this is a halal friendly cafe, with many delicious vegetarian options too. 

The food at the Whale bakwry is well worth travelling for. With equal amounts of sweet and savoury freshly baked pastries and cakes to choose from. They don't only look pretty. Each with its own unique design. Some quirky and playful. The flavour and consistency of each cake and pastry has also been well thought out. 

Whale tea
With so much choice I picked up 10 different items from the sweet and savoury pastry selection. An injectible tiramosu croissant which is covered in solid chocolate and dusted in chocolate powder. Filled with cream and coffee which you inject into the croissant. 

The Whale tea

Their chicken sausage roll is like no other. With fresh Asparagus and a smoky frankfurter sausage. The cinnamon bun is a work of art. Topped with marshmallow and a the stores logo in glittering gold. I also chose a matcha scone with white and milk chocolate chips. Cheese and onion mini loaf and more. All were delicious and I would re-purchase. I left with a box full of treats and also some sesame and chocolate cookies. 

The Whale Bakery is in short walking distance from Colindale station and open til late. If you want to make a day of it, the Raf museum is a nearby excursion suitable for all ages. I visited many years ago but will return with my family and also stop by the Whale Bakery. 

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