New Fast Food Restaurant Phat Buns

New Fast Food Restaurant Phat Buns 

I was invited to create content and review the brand new Phat buns fast food restaurant which has just opened its flagship store in London Bayswater. With a delicious selection of meals from breakfast which is an all-day breakfast menu. Mains menu and mouth watering dessert menu, you'll be coming back to Phat buns again and again. At least I know that I will! 

Phat buns
A restaurant like this is worth making the journey to because the food is so tasty with many varieties. It took me a while to decide on what burgers to choose from and which wings to choose. All burgers are fully customisable and there's even a pretzel burger bun option. The fried wings have some impressive sauces to choose between. You can get either 5, 8 or 15 wings. 

I enjoyed my favourite, the Thai sweet sesame sauce, sweet sticky and crunchy with the perfect batter. You can tell that the chicken here is fresh. Parmesan garlic was a dryer coating just as fresh crispy and mouth watering with a slightly bitter taste. I also enjoyed some buffalo Wings with a sour buffalo sauce that everybody knows and loves. 

Hot wings
I also enjoyed flaming hot Cheetos burger which I chose the chicken and you can also choose a beef patty instead. I think I would love to try beef next time around, but the chicken burger was delicious with cheese, flaming hot cheetos crisps inside the burger and also this impressive cheetos crumb coating on the top of the brioche burger bun. I've never seen anything like it before. I also paired my burger with some flaming hot Cheetos fries and the flaming hot Cheetos menu doesn't stop there. 

Halal burger
There is also a flaming hot Cheetos hot dog. You'll be happy to know that phat buns is a halal restaurant. So the hot dog is made with chicken filled with flamin' hot Cheetos, gherkins and phat buns sauce. The all day breakfast menu is delicious too. If you work or live nearby, you should definitely enjoy some of their breakfast muffins. They have a different number of breakfast muffin choices. 

There are also delicious milkshakes. I tried the chocolatier milkshake which couldn't have been anymore mouth wateringly good. So chocolate and the perfect consistency. Phat buns will also be a great choice for get togethers with friends and special occasions for all ages, with a VIP booth right at the top. It's a very spacious restaurant. Open until late. And a social media friendly environment with neon signs and colourful branding. 

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