Babylon Park London

Babylon Park London 

Babylon park in Camden recently held their Halloween party, where guests included influencers and reality TV stars from shows like Married at first sight UK and love island. This indoor funhouse includes a roller coaster ride suitable for adults and kids aged 4 and above. 

Babylon park London
We arrived to the spookily decorated amusement park where some guests were in matching attire for the occasion. 

For the party there were live DJ'S on their own separate landing, playing some party tunes. It was cool to see them spinning the decks on our way down the escalator. Babylon park also has VR headset games. Along with other classic arcade and fairground games.

Babylon Park
You can expect festive fun with giveaways and decor throughout December and Babylon park is a fun destination for hosting a birthday or Christmas party. You can even book the whole venue for private hire.

About Babylon Park London 

Babylon Park is an indoor theme park in North London with a family friendly roller coaster that twists and turns all through the park. It's fun for all the family from ages four and up. The drop tower is a teen friendly ride that rises up high and then suddenly drops down for an exhilarating ride. Bumper cars offer all the Nostalgia of any good fun fair. 

Toddlers are not left out at Babylon Park either, as there's an alien ride, where kitties fly to the sky on a Babylon Park spaceship.

The convoy train ride is suitable for ages 2 and over plus the kitty wheel which is suitable for the age of four and under. Toddlers can also stay in play at Babylon kids where they're a monkey bars rings and climbable gymboree. 

Indoor theme park
Family fun continues at the creatures catch game. Saturn ring toss Booth. Orb flinging. VR simulators. Skill games like boxing and basketball and table games. 

No amusement park is complete without any arcade video games and there are family friendly arcade games. After all the fun you can redeem tickets from your favourite games and get crazy prizes at the winner station. 

There are also vending machines where if you can grab it you can keep it even prizes like Air Jordan sneakers are up for grabs!

Teens and young children will go up down and spin around in the musical tagada.

You're sure to be hungry after all that excitement luckily there is a restaurant Ovo and Neta on site and candy machines. 

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