Stereo Covent Garden

Stereo Covent Garden

Stereo in Covent Garden is a live music bar with a full food and drinks menu. Guests can enjoy their drinks beneath the stylish lights of the main bar or grab a table for a bite to eat overlooking the main stage, where live music performers and DJs entertain the crowds every night.

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I enjoyed a lively Thursday night date at Stereo in Covent Garden. Where we dined by Candlelight on small plates and some main courses. The beef brisket nachos come with a generous helping of guacamole and sour cream. 

For my main course I enjoyed macaroni and cheese and some Caesar salad. I also sampled some of their succulent chicken burger. With a broccolini side. All dishes get my approval. 

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Luxurious materials such as leather and velvet, combined with exposed brick walls and a central bar illuminated by a warm glow, bring an abundance of theatrical flair to this underground music venue in the heart of London.

Experimental Group's newest venture, Stereo Covent Garden, was recently unveiled in early 2023. The team behind Experimental Cocktail Club and London's Henrietta Hotel, they enlisted the help of Design studio Afroditi to craft the bar's atmospheric interiors. 

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Drawing inspiration from prohibition-era bars in New York, the design incorporates lighting and mirrors to create a moody atmosphere. However, instead of sticking to traditional speakeasy elements, everything has been exaggerated and expanded in true Experimental fashion.

In order to highlight Stereo's underground atmosphere, Afroditi has skillfully utilized luminous and mirrored materials, resulting in a captivating overall effect. This is particularly evident in the uplit bare brick wall adorned with a grand mural, which adds to the welcoming ambiance for guests.

A smaller bar off to the side beautifully displays spirits on uplit shelves. Whilst a disco ball hangs high up overhead. 

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The main bar features a stunning display of lights with bar stools. There's floor space in front of the live music stage. Booths for groups and cozy tables for two. 

The menu offers a variety of options such as burgers, wings, and nachos, along with classic cocktails and special drinks named after iconic songs. These delicious offerings are complemented by the infectious energy of a live house band and an ever-changing lineup of acid house DJs who keep the party going until 3 am. 

The intimate stage arrangement at Stereo was expertly crafted by production company High Scream, complete with an impressive L-Acoustics sound system.

The bar is now a glowing spectacle, adorned with 88 spherical lamps and featuring wooden paneling and reflective surfaces. A majestic golden eagle oversees the space. The seating options include low tables and plush sofas, while the color scheme leans towards rich browns, burgundies, reds, and blacks.

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