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There is nothing quite as rewarding as going on holiday. It’s a chance to let your hair down and really make the most of your time off. You can head to sunnier climes where you can laze in the warm weather, spending time around a pool or splashing in the sea. If you prefer an active holiday, there are many destinations to choose between where you can hike, or partake in an array of water sports and other activities. Once you have booked your holiday, you need to think about what you want to pack. There are many things to consider and you don’t want to end up getting to your destination only to have forgotten some of the necessities. Here we have put together our top tips for packing for a holiday.

Things to consider when booking a holiday 

When it comes to packing for a holiday, first you need to think about the sort of break you want to take. Here are some top tips for you to consider.

Your budget

When it comes to booking a holiday, the first thing you need to keep in mind is how much you want to spend. The amount can differ greatly depending on how long you wish to go for, the sort of place you stay (whether a hotel or camping for example) and when in the year you go. If you travel during peak season it will cost more, whereas if you travel outside of school holidays or in off peak times, the cost will be less. Have a budget in mind and what you want to include in this. For example, do you want it to cover accommodation and getting there? Or do you want it to cover your food and drink as well? These are all things to think about.

The time of year 

The time of year you go to different places can have a real impact on the break you have. For example, going to the Caribbean at the end of the year will be more expensive but you are also guaranteed better weather. If you’re looking for a ski holiday you want to research the best time for snow on the slopes and if you want a city break, you don’t want it to be too sweltering hot! The type of break you want can really be affected by the month you go there so consider what you want to do when you’re away.

The type of holiday you are looking for 

There are a host of holiday types for you to choose between depending on what you are after. If you are a sports enthusiast you can head on dedicated sporting holidays, or if you are someone that just wants to relax in the sun, this is something you can do too. There are a myriad of beach destinations in Europe and further afield that are ideal for relaxing on the sand and swimming the sea. You could opt for an adventure holiday or an exploring holiday somewhere such as Thailand where you can island hop and immerse yourself in a different type of culture. You could also choose to go on a foodie trip whereby you can try a host of different cuisines and learn more about the country too.

How long you want to go for

Another thing you want to consider when booking a holiday is how long you wish to go for. It could be that you opt for a holiday that is further afield and you go for two weeks, but this is your only trip of the year. Or perhaps you go on multiple city breaks over the space of a few months packing in new destinations but not going for as long each time. The type of trips you take can greatly impact how much you need to pack, what you need to pack and your luggage allowance.

Top tips for packing for your holiday

Create a list of everything you need to take

The first thing you need to do when it comes to packing for a holiday is to create a list of everything you need to bring with you. If you are trying to pack without knowing what you need or what you have already, it makes it a lot harder to get it done. Make a list and keep track of what you put in your case and how much of everything you have. This way you won’t overpack anything and also won’t miss out on anything you need to bring. Write down things you need to purchase and anything you want to get when you are out there or at the airport. 

Check the weather ahead of time 

Even if you have planned for a certain type of holiday, you still need to check the weather ahead of time. This is because sometimes you can expect it to be cold yet there is actually a heat wave - and vice versa. By checking the weather before you go, you can pack accordingly and make sure you’re not cut short. Even if the weather is set to be hot and dry, be sure to pack an umbrella and layers as it might rain and could get cold in the evenings. The last thing you want is to be caught in the rain and unprepared! Also bring things such as sun cream, moisturiser and after sun as well as bug spray and insect repellent.

Pack to optimise space

When you are packing, you want to fit in as much as you can to your suitcase, so pack as practically as possible. It is better for you to roll your clothes than to fold them as it takes up less room enabling you to bring more. You could also invest in some packing cubes which make it much easier to organise your items and separate things in your suitcase. These are relatively cheap when bought online and can sort your clothes into the days you're going to wear them or the occasion you want them for such as in the evening, for a formal night or swimwear. It’s also a good idea to bring a spare bag for you to put dirty items in. This way over the course of your holiday dirty and clean clothes don’t get mixed up and it’s easier for you to sort through your clothes once you get home and need to do the unpacking. You will thank yourself later.

Take a smaller, separate bag for your valuable items

When taking valuable items such as your jewellery like earrings and necklaces, you want to keep these on you rather than placing them in the hold. This is because if your case goes missing you don’t want to lose all your valuables. It’s sensible to put these items into a separate bag and slip them into a handbag or other smaller bag that will be with you on your person at all times. You should also use this bag for your money, passport and other items that you don’t want to get lost and need to be with you.

Leave room for souvenirs 

When you are heading abroad, chances are you are going to want to bring things back. Many places have a host of items that are cheaper abroad than the country you are from so you want to make the most of this. If you are heading to Italy for example, you might want to buy some food items. If you are going to Bordeaux in France you might want to get some wine and if you are going to Japan you could want to bring some of the tech. Just keep in mind what you do bring back and that it is allowed and you don’t need to declare it when you get to the UK. If you do need to, make sure you do it and check the guidelines.

Consider the activities you are doing out there

When you are going on holiday you want to think about the activities you are going to do while you are there and pack accordingly. If you are doing water sports for example, you are going to want to bring suitable swimwear such as a costume or a wetsuit. For a beach holiday you’re going to want a cover up, hat and a book and if you are going skiing you need all the appropriate gear. By consulting your itinerary before you pack you can enjoy the trip to the full.

To conclude

These top tips are sure to help you when it comes to packing for a holiday. By ensuring you are organised and have all your items together ahead of time it will take stress away and mean you can enjoy your trip to the max. Keeping a list of what you need to take and leaving space in case you purchase anything out there will really help and you can use this for future trips too! What are some of your top tips for packing for a holiday? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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