12ft Long noodles and icecream sculptures at Murger Han

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Authentic Xi'an dining in London 

Murger han 

Murger Han noodles
Ice cream sculpture

Murger Han holds the title of serving up the world's longest noodles. At 12ft long the noodles at Murger han are hand pulled to perfection. With other surprises on the menu

The story starts in the province of Shaanxi. A small village nestled in the foothills of Mount Hua offers a picture perfect glimpse into a past that is still preserved in this mountainous region. Now, some 20 years later Murger han has a chain of restaurants across London. 

What is a Murger? 

Murger (or Roujiamo, which literally means "meat sandwiched in bread") is the world's oldest sandwich or hamburger. Its roots can be traced back to ancient history - Qin Dynasty (221 BC - 206 BC) for the bread and Zhou Dynasty (1045 BC to 256 BC) for the meat. 

Popular Chinese street food, Roujiamo's fame began when famous general Baiqi provided it as a handy food supply for his troops. With its simmered, chopped-up tender meat topped onto Chinese burger bread, this has become known as the Chinese equivalent of a Western hamburger. 


It is said that the famous general Baiqi invented this type of food for his troops.
Soldiers used to tie them on their waists due to it being so convenient while they marched - even helping them remain energetic and invincible! 

Despite being around for over two millennia, Roujiamo has remained popular amongst folks.

Cold noodles

Cold noodle dishes are popular during hot weather. People enjoy cold noodles because they provide a refreshing and cooling feeling when eaten. The chilled noodles are very satisfying when temperatures rise outside.

The story of steamed cold noodles dates back to the time of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China. It is said that there was a year of drought and due to this, villagers were unable to offer their tribute to the empire as they could not afford it. 

With much fear in mind, they went to a wise man for help. He devised a clever strategy and proposed the idea of offering tribute with steamed cold noodles made out of either rice or wheat instead. 

These cold noodles were created through four steps - soaking the grain overnight, grinding it into juice, letting it precipitate then skimming off the top coat before finally adding various seasonings and steaming it. 

Apparently impressed with its unique soft and smooth texture combined with varied taste, the emperor agreed to reduce taxation for that year and declared steamed cold noodles as royal tribute henceforth.

Hand made noodles 

Hand-made noodles are a unique type of noodle. They take much more time to make than traditional noodles, owing to the fact that they are made with love and care.

Making handmade noodles requires effort, patience and a special skill. The result is an exquisite noodle that has its own particular texture, flavour and mouthfeel.

Biang Biang noodles 

Legend has it that a scholar, without even a penny, traveled to Xianyang for the Imperial Exam. As he was on the brink of starvation, he stumbled upon a noodle shop where he heard the sound of "biang-biang." 

Long strips of kneaded dough lined the table and the master took one, pulled its ends and hit it against the table several times before throwing it into boiling water.

Murger Han menu

The master then added bean sprouts and vegetable to a bowl and topped it off with hot oil fried red chili pepper. After finishing his meal, the scholar realized he had no money. So in order to pay his bill, he devised a plan: requesting that the waiter write down for him Chinese character “Biang”–the noise that occurred when doughs were hitting against the table. 

The waiter did not understand yet eventually agreed; that is how complex character “Biang” came to be.

Clay pot cooking

Clay pot cooking is an ancient culinary art form. This method of cooking involves the use of a clay pot to prepare food. It is an age-old technique that has been used by households around the world for centuries, and it requires unique skills and finesse.

Once upon a time, an impoverished scholar studied in the bamboo forest every day, and his wife had to make the long journey to deliver him her home-made meals.

Unfortunately, they often arrived cold by the time she met him. This saddened her greatly. But one day, something changed for the better: after cooking a chicken soup in a casserole, the kind wife fell asleep for a while. 

When she awoke, much to her surprise the soup was still hot; thus she thought to add some rice noodles to it. From then on, meals were kept warm with this clever invention and he never had to suffer eating cold food again. 

It is still popular today in cold climates as it warms both stomach and heart with its heat.

Murger Han food

Murger Soup 

Murger Soup is a delicious and popular soup. It's a favorite for many because of its creamy texture and delicious taste. Its ingredients consist of potatoes, carrots and leeks in a rich cream-based broth which make it mouthwatering and enjoyable to eat.

Back when Zhao Kuangyin was young and not well-off, he would often roam the streets as a beggar. On one such occasion, the owner of a Naan stand gave him two leftover pieces; however, they were too tough to eat. 

Seeing a butchery nearby that was cooking mutton soup, Zhao asked for a bowl. He then proceeded to tear up his dry Naans and dip them into the gravy, making them soft and flavourful. After drinking it all down, he felt energised and warm. 

Years later, even after he became emperor of the Song Dynasty, he couldn't forget the delicious mutton soup that started his journey to success - soon enough it became popular amongst the masses.

My experience at Murger Han

I visited the Elephant and Castle branch but recommend you check out the Mayfair Murger han if you're after a luxury. Date night or special occasion experience.

With indoor and outdoor seating available I enjoyed biang biang noodles which arrived hot and flavourful. With fresh veggies and seasonings. 

I also enjoyed the duck Murger as well as a lamb Murger. The lamb was the more flavoursome of the two. With succulent meat in sauces, sandwiched between two pitta style flat breads. 

Dessert is super impressive to look at. Ice cream sculpted in the shape of a shaolin warrior. 

Murger Han
Lychee, Rose syrup and champagne cocktail 

To drink, I ordered the rose and li cocktail. With Rose petals. Champagne and Lychee. It has now been added to my all time favourite list of cocktails in London. 

Maybe I'll write an end of year best cocktail list. Comment if you would like to see that. 

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