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Viral Croissant Review of Le Cube Robuchon

Le deli Robuchon is one of two restaurants that were opened in Joel Robuchon’s name after he passed in 2019.

Cube Croissants

Joel Robuchon is considered as a game changing chef. Collecting 32 Michelin stars across his career, more than any other chef ever!

Le Deli Robuchon is a casual, yet sophisticated, all day dining. French deli restaurant and patisserie. Serving breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks as well as a range of wines, teas, cheeses, pastries and bread. Along with afternoon tea, aperitif and bespoke gift boxes & hampers.

Le Deli Robuchon

Discover a handpicked collection of some of the best coffees, teas and fine products at Le Deli Robuchon. In the gourmet grocery section.

Enjoy a combination of some of the classic Robuchon recipes together with some more eclectic specials, prepared in front of you by our chefs, to enjoy individually or to share.

Robuchon London, part of Robuchon International, is led by a team of experts many of whom worked alongside Joël Robuchon for decades.

Le deli Robuchon London

With Le Comptoir, the team are embracing Joël Robuchon’s desire to open an accessible and intimate restaurant in Mayfair, one that is also in line with his much lauded philosophy of contemporary, convivial dining.

Le Deli draws from the variety of more casual Robuchon offerings in existence adapted for Mayfair.

The team are delighted to continue the legacy of one of the most influential chefs of our time.

Joël Robuchon was born in Poitiers in 1945. He started his culinary career at the tender age of 15, and by the 1970’s, in Paris, had already gained a reputation as a highly accomplished but ‘rebel chef’ by bucking the trends of minimalism in commonplace nouvelle cuisine and returning to hearty dishes executed to perfection.

Critics described eating his famed mashed potato as an ‘emotional’ experience.

Having built up a long list of Michelin stars and accolades, at the age of 51, he shocked the culinary world, by announcing his retirement to allow him to spend time with his family and travel the world. He discovered Asia and fell in love with Japanese culture and traditions. Several years later he returned to being a restaurateur, introducing a refreshing, accessible concept L’Atelier, which housed the Japanese dining counter for European food, allowing sociable dining of the highest quality without the pomp and ceremony.

Joël Robuchon died in 2018. He was the most Michelin starred chef, holding a world record of 32 stars in 2016.


In recent times Le Deli Robuchon has gone viral online for their cube croissant called Le cube Robuchon. It is available in store in three flavours. Matcha, Chocolate & Vanilla. 

Fresh from the bakery kitchen each day at 11am. These unique croissant pastries look and taste beautiful. We'll worth the expected queuing time. Arrive early to avoid disappointment. 

I've personally tried their chocolate cube Robuchon. Which is soft and filled with chocolate cream. Topped with delicious crispy chocolate balls. 

Cube croissants

I actually tried Le cube Robuchon for the first time on National croissant day and there were also some limited edition raspberry and rose flavoured croissant cubes! 

I loved both flavours and would definitely go back in hopes of trying a matcha Robuchon cube. 

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