Lunch at a flower filled cafe

Coffee Addict Cafe Review

Coffee addict is a pretty little cafe sitting snug in London Victoria. Where Instagram food and drinks are a part of the menu. 

The Instagram croissant I wanted to order was out of stock and I had arrived very early. At 10.30 in the morning.
Coffee Addict cafe
As coffee Addict is a small cafe and popular with everybody from instagrammers. To the local builders. Advanced table bookings are recommended. 

The interior of coffee Addict is so pretty. With lots of pink. Even the floor is pink! 

Plush. Velvet chairs. Flower walls and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Plus more seating outside.

Coffee addict is a cheaper alternative to other popular aesthetic cafes. See my complete guide to pretty London cafes here. 

I ordered a ruby rose latte. Which looked pretty, but didn't really taste of anything. Just a warm milk. With the beautiful smell of roses. Yet strangely void of any flavour. 

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To eat. I had the truffle kale flower. A fresh. Kale salad. With pomegranate pieces and a cheesy wrapped omelette. On top a bed of sliced Avocado and toast. It was a healthy. Tasty lunch. 
Coffee addict

I took home a chocolate. Hazelnut orange cake and red velvet cake. Both quite disappointing. 

My second visit

Coffee Addict had changed it's signage since my first visit earlier that year in summer. With a flirty little neon sign and another new addition on the opposite flower wall.

I enjoyed a tiramisu latte. Which tastes like one of the best mochas I've ever had and I love a well made mocha. 

Mocha coffee

The tiramisu latte is like the perfect combination of a hot chocolate and well made cappuccino. With a generous dusting of cocoa powder and brown sugar. Finished off with a biscuit.

To eat, I had the pleasure of devouring some of the best pancakes I've ever had. And I've tried a lot!

Fluffy pancakes

The pancakes at coffee addict are souffle pancakes. Which taste very light and fluffy.

Three thick pancakes arrive. Dusted in sugar and topped with butter. Fresh. Whipped cream and a pot of maple syrup. They're very filling. 

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