A Weekday Date Night At Girlfriend Bar

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A Weekday Date Night At Girlfriend Bar

Girlfriend is a pretty cocktail bar situated in Clapham South East London.
It's a feminine chic bar with friendly. All male staff. Decked out in cosy velvet sofas and pink stools. 

Girlfriend Clapham
By the windows are some taller bar stools as well as a pretty. Faux cherry blossom hanging overhead. 

The colour palette is teal green. Pink and gold. There's even a large. Neon pink 'girlfriend' sign above a sofa.

However the main talking points about the design of girlfriend bar are the eye catching. Edgy art photos hanging from the walls. 

With the help of artist Ant Fox. His remake dubbed 'girl with a pink bubble' sees a popular periodic portrait take on a modern twist. 

The art frames add the perfect finishing touch to the girlfriend bar in Clapham. Even the outside of the bar is thoughtfully designed. 

With a pretty overhead sign featuring a floral display. This beautiful cocktail bar was certainly catching the attention of passers by during my time there. 

The cocktail menu at girlfriend bar consists of signature and classic cocktails. Along with non alcoholic mocktails. 

Girlfriend bar

It would be even better here if they added some bar snacks to the menu.

Girlfriend bar is open Tuesday to Saturday and you can enjoy happy hour every night from 5pm til 7pm. 

During happy hour you can enjoy classic cocktails for £6 and glasses of prosecco for £5.

I enjoyed a Tempted by the devil cocktail from the signature section of the menu. Which is a delicious drink that consists of chocolate shavings and ginger. Lime and blackcurrant jam. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this cocktail and also tried the pornographic material signature cocktail. Which arrived with a large dome like bubble covering the glass.

My final drink of the night was a grasshopper from the classic section of the cocktail menu. 

This pale green drink was my favourite of the night. Tasting like a delicious mint chocolate milkshake.

Girlfriend is the perfect bar for a celebration. Girls night out or date night.  

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