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Laser Lipo Motivated Me To Keep Fit 

In need of much motivation. I recently treated myself to a course of six laser Lipo sessions.
Pads are strapped to your target fat loss areas. While you lay down and relax for 45 minutes. The pads have red laser beams. Which gradually warm up upon contact with your skin during the treatment. 

By the end of my course of six treatments done twice weekly. I had lost an inch and a half around each of my target areas. I had very little to lose to begin with. So it was a really great outcome for me. 
Laser lipo
I also noticed a little bit of skin tightening from the laser lipo treatments. On my mummy tummy stretch marks. I actually booked the laser lipolysis sessions not as a desperate need to lose weight. But more to get myself out of a fitness rut. 

When it comes to fitness. I've been guilty of stopping and starting. Each time I stop it gets harder to start training again. 

My course of six laser lipo sessions encouraged me to get back on the fitness horse. Train harder and not quit while I was ahead. 

I don't have money to waste and laser Lipo only works well. If you exercise within an hour of finishing each fat burning session.

Laser Lipo is a non invasive alternative to liposuction. Designed to boost your exercise and healthy eating efforts. 

As it's currently winter and been a less than favourable couple of years. It would have been easy for me not to take care of my body. And instead binge eat through the season. 
Laser Lipolysis
So I'm thankful my laser lipo plan worked. As I've been working out a lot more ever since! 

My arms. Legs. Waist and booty are noticeably more toned. I've even had to go down a size in workout leggings. Laser Lipo has also motivated me to eat less junk food and use portion control. 

After each laser Lipolysis session. I would literally rush home and push myself through an intensive 45min -1 hour long high intensity workout session. 

It's important not to eat two hours prior to each laser Lipo treatment. Drink lots of water throughout each day and try to eat sensibly. 

If you can manage to wait a couple of hours after exercise before eating. Even better. As it can further improve your body's fat burning efforts. However. It's not a requirement. 

I personally did intermittent fasting on my laser lipo treatment days. With most sessions booked an hour before lunchtime. I would wake up. Head to the beauty clinic and then exercise though lunch at home afterwards. 

I wasn't particularly hungry after exercise. With some people feeling an energy boost from their laser lipo treatment. I can't say I did. However I believe laser lipo helped reduced my appetite and cravings. 

I'm not surprised that I didn't have much extra energy after treatments. As my body composition is such that it mainly runs off of muscle power. Not fat reserves. Being that I only had a stubborn inch or two of fat loss to burn. 

Following a laser lipolysis treatment. Your fat cells shrink. With their contents being dispersed into your bloodstream. For 48 to 72 hours. 

This body fat is picked up by the lymphatic system. Used as fuel when you exercise. And processed through your liver. To be excreted through sweat and urine. 

The day after my laser lipo sessions. Before showering. I would do dry body brushing to further encourage fat and toxins to leave my body. 

If you don't exercise well. Drink lots of water eat mostly healthy foods. Your body will only store all the fat broken up during laser Lipo in your body once more. 

Laser lipo was a relaxing treatment with no pain. Surgery or downtime. I highly recommend it. As not only is it a great way to increase fat burning and weight loss. 

Laser lipo can provide motivation to start a more healthy diet and improve your overall fitness.

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