Vegan Restaurants London : Where To Eat This Veganuary

Where To Eat In London During Veganuary 2020 And Beyond!

vegetarian restaurants london
Enjoying a vegan burger at Genesis Restaurant Shoreditch

Veganuary has been going strong since 2014. With more and more people going vegan for the month of January each year.

There's never been a better time to go vegan or vegetarian in London. With so many impressive restaurants on the market. Including the brand new. Eagerly awaited vegan meatball marinara at Subway! Plus the new vegan burger from KFC!

I've been a vegetarian for over two years and haven't looked back since. Made easier by all the enjoyable. Vegan restaurants now available in London. Here's my ultimate guide to vegan and vegetarian restaurants in London. Along with vegan and vegetarian meals at restaurants that aren't solely plant based. Even if you're not vegan or vegetarian and are just taking a break from eating meat for Veganuary. You'll love the options in this guide to Veganuary and vegetarian - vegan restaurants in London.

Genesis Restaurant - Shoreditch

Genesis is one of the new pretty pink restaurants in London. With a mouthwatering plant based menu. I just can't wait to go back and try some of their other meatless options. You can find them in Shoreditch.

Honest Burgers

Vegan restaurants London
Plant Pork Veganuary Burger from Honest Burgers Restaurants in London

The plant pork burger from honest burgers is only available during the month of Veganuary. So get it while you can! The original plant burger. Minus pork will be available all year round though. It's so mouth-wateringly delicious! Tastes like real beef and genuine bacon. The plant pork burger is probably the best vegan - vegetarian burger I've had so far! Even their fries are sublime. Which doesn't happen often. As most places only focus on the burger and not the quality of their chips. If I'm being should definitely visit one of honest burgers restaurants near you. Especially during Veganuary. Honest burgers have more than ten London restaurants. Including restaurants in Camden. Covent Garden and Shoreditch!

Cereal Killer - Shoreditch

I haven't tried the vegetarian burger from Cereal killer Shoreditch yet. But it's on the list because it sounds interesting and will go down nicely with one of the impressive cereal infused cocktails or milkshakes at Cereal Killer. The vegan burger at Cereal Killers Shoreditch restaurant contains cornflakes. Vegan chicken and vegan bacon. Cereal killer currently have two London restaurants. Head to the Shoreditch branch to try out their vegetarian burger.


Vegetarian Restaurants London
Ethos - Vegetarian Restaurant London

Ethos serve up really healthy. Tasty food options. I love the style of the restaurant. You help yourself to the different vegan and vegetarian options available. Take your plate to the till to be weighed and priced. Then tuck in.


Farmacy is a long renowned vegan and vegetarian restaurant. That I'm still yet to visit. Farmacy has been around for some time now. So they must be doing something right!

Temple of seitan

Temple of Seitan have two vegan restaurants based in Hackney and Camden. Seitan is wheat gluten, or wheat protein. A popular meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians. I'm looking forward to enjoying some of their highly rated vegan fried chicken real soon. So watch this space for my official review.

Kalifornia Kitchen

Kalifornia kitchen is another one of the new vegan restaurants in London. Yet they're already poppin on Insta. With their bright pink spiral staircase. Expect healthy plates of fresh produce. Plus vegan fish and chips!

Humble Pizza

There's a pink colour theme going on with a lot of plant based London restaurants. And I like it! Humble pizza is a pretty in pink. Plant based pizzeria that I can't wait to officially review.


Mildred's was the first place I enjoyed a quality vegan burger some years ago now. The meatless burger industry has come a long way since then. Yet Mildred's is still a notable place to visit for vegans and vegetarians alike. Take your pick from four London restaurants, including restaurants in Camden and Soho.


Vegetarian Restaurants London
Abeno Vegetarian Okinomiyaki

Bored of vegan burgers? How about some vegetarian Asian food instead? Abeno is not a meat free restaurant. However there are vegetarian options of the unique Japanese dish known as Okinomiyaki served at Abeno. Abeno is well worth a visit. With most meals prepared on a hot plate right at your table.

Patty & Bun

Patty and bun restaurants have a whole plant based section on their menu. Which currently includes four vegan - vegetarian burgers. Plus the ability to make some burgers gluten free. Patty & Bun currently have 10 London restaurants. Including Shoreditch and Covent Garden.

Palm Vaults

Come for the hanging plants and pink decor. Stay for the pretty cakes. Healthy brunch options and colourful lattes. At Palm Vaults vegan cafe in Hackney.

Bubble dogs

Bubble dogs is a unique restaurant concept. Teaming two of my favourite things together. Champagne and hot dogs. With a whole hotdog section for vegans and vegetarians alike. What's not to love?

Meat Liquor

Since we're on the topic of hot dogs. Meat liquor have a vegan and vegetarian selection of burgers and a build it your way vegan hotdog. Where you choose the sauces and toppings of your choice and then tuck in. I tried their vegan hot dog. Which was so good, and so meat like.. it was scary! There's also a lengthy alcohol menu. As the name suggests. Including alcoholic milkshakes. Wines. Beers and cocktails. Meat Liquor currently have 8 London restaurants. Including restaurants in Covent Garden and Shoreditch. Plus home delivery options.

Vegetarian Afternoon Tea

vegetarian restaurants London
Vegetarian Afternoon Tea at Bea's of Bloomsbury

There are a number of vegetarian afternoon teas to be enjoyed across London. Two of my favourites were afternoon tea at Beas of Bloomsbury - St Paul's. For a more glamorous affair. Head to the Park room at Grosvenor house.

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