What they don't tell you about visiting Iceland - A Travel Guide

Hot off the back of my last blog post about avoiding tourist traps (here). This honest travel guide about things they don't tell you about visiting Iceland will help you avoid Iceland tourist traps.

Travel Guide Iceland
Enjoying the blue lagoon in Iceland

Despite the shocks we had in store for us on our visit to Iceland. I still highly recommend vacationing to the winter wonderland that is Iceland. If you only go once. You must go during snow season. Unless, you're already accustomed to an abundance of the white stuff.

Here's a list of things you must know about before visiting Iceland.

Iceland is very expensive!

I mean really. Extremely costly! The cost of food. Excursions and transportation is startling, so bear that in mind before you plan on visiting Iceland.

The public water system will probably give you a funny tummy.

Blame the high sulphur content for your smelly farts and quick dash to the bathroom! Don't get me wrong. Icelandic water is some of the best water in the world. It did wonders for my skin. The natural volcanic activity all over Iceland made sure of that.

You probably won't see the aurora borealis!

We were so looking forward to seeing the natural phenomena called the aurora borealis aka the northern lights. We were in Iceland during January at the best time of the year for spotting the Northern lights -aurora borealis. So understandably. We were well and truly gutted that night. After night, there was no sign of the mysterious glow in the sky. For the sake of tourism. This important fact is played down. We were certainly under the impression that we would see the aurora borealis / northern lights at least once during our holiday to Iceland.

The geysir is falsely advertised

The Geysir is no longer active. You'll be viewing the smaller stokkur, which isn't quite as impressive. You have to wait between 4-8 minutes to see it, and it shoots up out of the ground so quickly. During winter it turns to mist instantly. Your tour guide might falsely advertise with pictures of the much larger, and more impressive geysir, which is sadly no longer active.

That being said. Iceland was amazing though! If you're not convinced. Click here to read more about my holiday to Iceland

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