Last Minute Holidays to Venice Burano and Jesolo - Honest Reviews

With loads of Venice reviews floating around on the net - no pun intended. I thought I would add to the list of reviews with details of our holidays. I only post honest reviews. Because what's the point in fake reviews? I personally find that it's more interesting to read reviews that don't filter too much out.
Selfie time : Just arrived in Venice San Marco

Venice was a very last minute plan and if I'm being honest. I didn't really have that much expectation for Venice. Even with all the rave reviews. I pictured Venice to be over hyped without much to do once you've ridden a gondola.
I'm happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised with an impressive week long holiday to Venice and the neighbouring beach town of Jesolo.
Venice waterways
Our hotel in Venice overlooked this beautiful canal

After a super speedy hour and 45 minute tui flight we arrived at Venice. Marco Polo airport to sweltering heat. It actually took longer to get to our hotel than it did to fly aboard tui to Venice from London Gatwick.We flew to Venice via tui airlines. Not the nicest of airlines. However, given the short flight and amazingly cheap air fares you can often find flying via tui. Who am I to complain! Our Venice break was an amazing way to kick off the start of the summer holidays. With my oldest son now off for 7 weeks for his school holidays.

We spent our first night in Venice at casa verardo. A hotel with positive online reviews. Casa Verardo is in the most perfect position of San Marco, Venice. Casa verardo is literally less than a minute away from all the tours. Including romantic gondola boat rides. The hustle and bustle of shops. Restaurants and authentic Italian gelato.
I've always pictured a trip to Venice in winter. Without kids. However Venice is beautiful in the summer, and very child friendly. Even babies can ride in a Gondola!

I love that the hotels in Venice have kept their old charm. With their period. Regal theme. You can expect lots of chandeliers. Red velvet and gold. 

Those seeking a shopping trip for some quality Italian apparel will love Venice.
We meandered round narrow. Car free streets of Venice. With almost every passer by gushing over our 1 year old son.
Gondola ride
Enjoying a romantic gondola boat ride in Venice

Venice is made up of tiny islands all joined together by teeny, tiny bridges and beautiful waterways. Venice is sinking year by year. The only way to travel around Venice is via water. You can choose from a water bus known as an ACTV. Water taxi. Private speed boats. Yachts. Ferries and cruise ships. We even spotted a bat-mobile speed boat complete with the batman theme tune!

No holidays to Venice are complete without a gondola ride. The traditional gondola boats are really pretty and the ride is so relaxing and romantic. The boat drivers are called gondoliers. Gondoliers all dress in stripes. Donning wide brimmed hats. Some gondolas can be booked with a serenading service. We enjoyed a 30 minute gondola boat ride, with a friendly gondolier. The gondola ride ended way too soon. I had no idea I was going to enjoy the gondola ride as much as I did. It was positive reviews all round. There was nobody I'd rather have ridden a gondola with than my husband. Our youngest son was so chilled out during the boat ride. As our gondola drifted out onto the grand canal the views were exceptionally breathtaking. The water sparkled in the sun and we passed other gondolas with a live singer on board from time to time. 

The city of Venice is just so romantic in person. Reviews from others don't do it justice. With some really beautiful restaurants directly on the canal. There are locations around the world nicknamed little Venice. However my reviews aren't quite as positive, as I can report that no little Venice comes close to the real thing! I've been lucky to travel to two little Venice's in my lifetime. One of which you can read about at the following link : Don't be afraid to ask around for the names of romantic Venician restaurants to see which recommendations come up. My only negative experience in Venice is that none of the food we ate was that good and prices were sky high! I didn't take my own advice and ask around. Now for my reviews of three neighbouring mini islands.
Torcello Venice
Island of Torcello

During our Venice holidays we also enjoyed a four hour tour to three neighbouring islands. Murano. Burano and torcello. Torcello had lush vegetation with beautiful. Peaceful waterways. Each restaurant had it's own well kept back yard. The restaurants of Torcello island could easily have been mistaken for hotels. A glass blowing demonstration takes place on the island of Murano. We've seen a glass making demonstration on holiday elsewhere before. Plus it was far too hot in the factory, so I was secretly relived that our son was being too vocal to let us watch. It mean't we were able to stroll around the island and enjoy a cool drink outside in the shade instead. We passed a number of shops with quaint little glass objects for sale. We dare not go inside with our youngest son. As babies and glass sounds like a recipe for disaster!
Burano Venice
The colourful island of Burano

Burano was a vibrantly coloured island. With candy coloured houses lining the waterways. Burano island is named one of the most colourful places in the world. Burano can be a gorgeous place for pictures. Although Burano was a little too overcrowded at the time of day that we had arrived.

After two days spent in Venice and wandering around in Burano, we headed to a nearby beach town known as Lido Di Jesolo. Lido Di Jesolo is just over an hour away from Venice and we stayed in Jesolo for five nights. Our first destination at Lido Di Jesolo received positive reviews online. The area was extremely vibrant during the evenings. All the way into the early hours. On our first night we ate dinner at 11pm. This was a normal occurrence in Jesolo, with children up late every night having fun along with the adults. I highly recommend the hotel we stayed in. Especially for families with young children or teens. 

Our hotel was less than a minutes walk away from the beach. With free bike rental. Private sun loungers and breakfast included. What was also impressive was the on site restaurant, which served delicious food. The hotels restaurant even has a children's play area. Which our son loved. The lively beach town is right on the hotel doorstep. With so much to see and do. Shops open all night. Restaurants, bars and arcades.

My only complaints about our first location in Lido Di Jesolo are that it wasn't quite as sophisticated of a location as we would have liked. 

That's why I saved booking our second booking in Lido Di Jesolo until last. Our second hotel of choice was in a perfect position on the beach. This side of the Lido was quieter and less crowded. When I'm on my beach holidays. I love looking out to blue skies. Pristine sand and sea. As opposed to a sea of people. I booked front row sunbeds at the second hotel and it was well worth it. Especially as I had a baby to keep an eye on in between sunbathing. Coupled with the fact that my son just loved running back and forth from the sea front to his mummy on the sun loungers.

On our first night at this second property. We enjoyed a romantic sea view dinner, without the kids, in the hotels restaurant. The food and service from all staff members is incredible at this hotel. Our room was perfect. A total contrast from where we last stayed. In the previous hotel all four of us were crammed into one room. However at the second hotel, we had conjoining rooms with a sliding door. Plus separate bathrooms and sea view balconies for much needed peace. Quiet and privacy. On our second night there was a delicious pasta event, with all the different types of authentic Italian pasta you could dream of!

Each evening we were able to drop the kids off at the hotel playroom for some child free hours, which was a major selling point of this establishment for me. I wish I could have stayed there a little longer. Every aspect of this hotel was given good reviews from both my husband and I.

I highly recommend both hotels to parents of young children who are after beach holidays. Book the first hotel if you're on a budget and want to be where all the action is :
You can book the second hotel at the following link if you're after luxury :

Well that's week one of the kids summer holidays sorted!

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