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Holiday with baby

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Baby and me on our second family holiday

I've been fortunate enough to have gone on holiday via plane with my currently 19 month old baby boy on three separate occasions. Yes. I'm a travel addict!

Our first holiday with baby was when he was still breastfeeding and not yet walking or talking. On our second holiday with baby he was just under the age of a year and a half. Walking and eating solids. Our third holiday with baby was two months after that. By which time he had just started toddler tantrums! So we've experienced going on holiday with baby at all the different stages.

Given this fact. I think I'm pretty much qualified to speak on the topic of going on holiday with your baby or toddler. In this blog post. I share my personal holiday tips and travel advice that I believe will make for a relaxing. Unforgettable vacation with your precious baby. Or babies.

Going on holiday with a younger baby

Tip 1 : Wait until your baby is no longer a newborn.

Unless you absolutely have to. I would personally recommend waiting until your baby is no longer a newborn before you decide to go on holiday. The newborn stage officially lasts two months, however four months and under can still be a tender time. It's a time when your bundle of joy is still very vulnerable. Something as simple as a passer by with the sniffles could pose a threat to the not yet developed immune system of a newborn baby.

I'm in no way trying to scare you. It's just best to wait if you have the option of waiting. Past the four month stage you'll be more settled into motherhood and breastfeeding. You'll know your baby. What she likes and what she doesn't like. You'll be better equipped for your holiday.
Holiday with baby
Baby was 17 months old during our second family holiday

Tip 2 : Breast Is Best

If you are travelling with a newborn baby. Your baby's best defence will come through breast milk. I remember when I caught the flu whilst my youngest son was still a newborn. I inevitably coughed and sneezed all over him, yet all he developed was a slight fever. Which sorted itself out in 24 hours. Thanks to breastfeeding and rest. It was at that moment that I was so glad I had stuck through trying to breastfeed. The pain and struggle does come to an end eventually, and you'll be so glad you persevered.

Our first family holiday with baby was when baby was 7 months old. I was still breastfeeding full time, with the occasional solids. Breastfeeding just made the holiday so much more stress free. There was no concern about running out of formula, or fresh cows milk. Plus no fiddly bottles or bottle cleaners to pack and sterilise.

Tip 3 : Pick A Short haul Destination

Flying with a baby
Baby on board his third short haul flight!

Short haul flights are your best option if you actually have to board a plane at all. In order to get to a location where you can be guaranteed some decent sun.

I couldn't imagine being on a long. Tedious flight with a baby. Especially if they just so happen to be having a bad teething day. I also like to avoid public toilets as much as possible. But I know that I would be fortunate enough have to change at least one poopy nappy on a long haul flight. I struggle to balance in those tiny. Shaky plane toilets as it is. We got lucky during each of our short haul holiday flights with baby. I held out from changing his nappy at all. On every single occasion. The longest flight we've taken with baby is three hours and the shortest was an hour and a half.

Tip 4 : Book a flight at a time they're less likely to be cranky, and most likely to sleep

Although it's not a guaranteed method of ensuring your baby is peaceful up in the air. It's been very successful for me and mine. We always tend to head to the airport in the early morning around the 4am mark. This means that baby has had some decent hours of sleep. He then catches up on some zzz's in flight after drinking his early morning milk.

Tip 5 : Don't plan to do too much on holiday!

Toddler friendly holidays
Baby enjoying his third holiday aged 19 months

I know that it can be tempting to get carried away with the ideas of all the fun excursions you'll be going on during your first ever family holiday. However. You have a baby now! My advice is not to do too much. You might be surprised by just how exhausted and cranky you. Or baby could get. Especially if your baby is very young. You're breastfeeding, or it's your first time jetting off on holiday with baby.


Tip 6 : Get mentally prepared

Expect the worst so that you're not shocked. Stressed or upset if certain things don't pan out the way you had hoped. Plus you'll be pleasantly surprised when your expectations are met or even exceeded.

Tip 7 : Location Location Location

Toddler holidays
One of the scenic locations we stayed at during baby's second holiday abroad

Carefully consider the location. Plan a holiday where your base is in a location that's right on the doorstep of all your desired amenities. Whether that be a mini-market. Karaoke bar. Beach front or arcade. That way you can come and go with ease. As often as you and baby need. Read about my holiday with baby that was in the perfect location at the following link :

Tip 8 : Bring a cheap. Lightweight travel stroller

I prefer a stroller to a carrier, because baby carriers hurt my back. Plus I can imagine just how sweaty I would feel with a baby strapped to me in a carrier. However everyone is different. My husband loves the baby carrier.

Even though our baby turned toddler has looked like a giant in his holiday buggy. It has really come in handy. His little legs get tired when we're walking around on holiday. If he ever needs to sleep. Or sit, a buggy is ideal. The fact that it's so small and light, mean's it isn't much hassle to carry around with us. Most airlines allow you to bring a baby item for free, and you can use it right up until you board the plane. Travel strollers are really cheap too. So that means if it was to get lost. Stolen or broken. You wouldn't be stressed or upset about it. You could even try bidding for a cheaper. Second hand one on eBay!

Tip 9 : Stay at a decent hotel

Luxury family hotels
Enjoying the sunset from our private pool AND hot tub suite at a luxury. Family friendly hotel, during our second holiday abroad with baby.(You can book this exact hotel via the link below)
If you like the convenience of not having to cook and clean. Then stay at a hotel. Not just any hotel of course. Don't chance a low rated hotel and study the pictures left by travellers. As hygiene is even more important for your baby. Who is likely to be crawling. Or running and putting things in their mouths.

If you're on a budget and must choose a less desirable hotel, than plan to be out all day. On the beach perhaps. Doing excursions. Or strolling through town maybe?

Far too many hotels have mould and mildew. Which isn't visible in their outdated or altogether fake images. Yes. That actually happens! See the following link to read about our unfortunate nightmare experience: 

Always choose a well rated. Baby friendly hotel. Even better if it's a beach front hotel. If you're off on a beach holiday. It just makes everything so much more relaxed and convenient.

Tip 10 : Book a private villa or AirBnB

Luxury family holidays
Fun in the sun with baby at our private. Mountain top villa. Complete with private gardens and a pool. Booked through Airbnb.

If you'd prefer complete privacy. With all amenities on site. Then book a private villa, or AirBnB. Complete with a private pool or hot tub. This way you won't even need to leave your property to sunbathe and cool off in some water.

I've experienced both, and can honestly say that I like staying in a baby friendly. Beach front hotel. Equally as much as a private villa. Complete with a private pool. You could even split your holiday into two parts and enjoy both options like we did.

Bonus Tip : Plan ahead and use available resources

Traveling with a baby can be stressful, but the right resources can make it simpler. One essential resource to take advantage of is luggage storage services. 

Kings cross luggage storage allows parents to store their large, bulky items such as strollers and car seats while they are on the go. This makes it significantly easier to use public travel methods such as buses, trains, and planes without having to worry about maneuvering around bulky items or paying costly checked baggage fees. 

Not only that, but luggage storage services are generally quick and easy to access, allowing travelers to quickly get on the road without having to drag around unnecessary baggage all day. 

You can read about each of my personal experiences of going on holiday with baby at the following links :

Holiday with baby at 17 months :

Bonus : Pack light

Don't overdo it with packing for you and baby. The more you pack, the more there is to lose. To carry around and to stress over when re-packing at the end of your holiday. Just one of baby's favourite toys will do. A handful of snacks for the plane, and one something new if baby needs a distraction to calm him down in transit. The new sights and sounds will normally be all the stimulation baby needs on holiday.
Baby friendly holidays
Family friendly holiday with baby

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