Mykonos : Highlights Of Our Trip

I've already written about the worst moments in Mykonos. So it's only right to talk about the good times too. In this post I reminisce about my best moments on the island of Mykonos and you'll hopefully come away with some travel tips and ideas for what to do and where to go on your holiday to Mykonos.

Sunset from our amazing suite at Mykonos bay

Just wow. The sunset each evening from our hill top suite. Featuring an outdoor hot tub and private pool was the icing on the cake. I had no idea that Mykonos sunsets would be so gorgeous and even better still. The fact that we had our own private viewing area to soak it all in. Sunsets are a myth in cloudy England. The place that I call home, so we thoroughly enjoy every beautiful sunset that we're blessed to experience.

Dinner at D'Angelo's

I remember how lazy and unexcited I felt about venturing out to eat dinner. I had previously joked about D'Angelo playing "brown sugar" by... D'Angelo and we decided to try the place out after a friendly waiter engaged in some friendly conversation with us. I was pleasantly surprised by the lengthy menu with a whole menu for those like us who don't eat meat. Bonus points! Everything we ordered was delicious. Every other restaurant we had tried was mediocre so this was a welcome change. I highly recommend a meal at D'Angelo in Mykonos.

Early morning visit to the windmills of Kato and Little Venice

Mykonos windmills
I was the first one up. Everyone else looked like they wanted to snooze a little longer, but I'm glad we left out when we did. It was so nice to explore Mykonos without the hustle and bustle of people and vehicles. Leaving out early meant we really got to take our time soaking in our surroundings and snapping photos at each location. The windmills of Kato are even more impressive than photos would have you believe. Tiny birds fly from rooftop to rooftop and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the windmills of Kato are right behind a miniature beach.

Beach front hotel lounging

On our last day at the gorgeous beach of Megali Ammos. The time flew by, which lets me know we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The combination of heat and sea breeze was perfect and our side of the beach was quite empty. Perfect for soaking in the natural surroundings.

Sunset walk with cats and surprise beach

The last few days spent in Mykonos weren't the best. We ventured out for a spontaneous evening walk and to our surprise there was a beautiful deep purple sunset and playful cats accompanying us. The landscape. Sunset and cats made for some gorgeous photos and to top things off, we stumbled across a hidden beach! The unexpected moments in life really make the best memories.

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