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My Molly Bakes Freakshake Experience

We headed East to try one of the epic milkshakes available at Molly Bakes cafe in Dalston. Molly Bakes milkshakes are aptly named a freakshake. You'll understand when you see them!

My husband J thought that I was a bit bizarre for jumping on a train just to go and get a milkshake. That was until
our epic raspberry and caramel freakshakes arrived at our table. Both the raspberry and caramel freakshakes contain whipped cream. Sauce. Popping candy, marshmallow and a folded cookie. Sadly, the cookie wasn't very memorable.

raspberry and caramel freakshake
Raspberry and caramel freakshake

Molly Bakes raspberry freakshake is not overly sweet and a bit watery. It's a good option for those after less of a sugar hit. The caramel milkshake is tastier. I prefer it to the raspberry milkshake. However it becomes too sweet by the time you're half way through. Molly Bakes freakshakes are super filling, as any good milkshake should be.

What Was Amazing?

The appearance of Molly bakes milkshakes is something amazing. The fact that each freakshake is generously loaded with so many toppings!

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Important Disclaimer
This is a review of a freakshake from Molly bakes cafe bakery.  Freakshakes are milkshake desserts.  Information on the freakshakes at Molly bakes was correct during the time of visit and at the time of this post. The freakshake photos in this blog post are originals, which were taken at Molly bakes cafe in London. Along with any text and personal opinions about Molly bakes cafe and menu are copywritten by said owner of The photographs and text on this blog must not be copied. Distributed. Sold or printed without prior written consent of this travel and lifestyle blog owner. Contact site owner for more details.

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